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Sex Education, We Don^t Want It?? by: LuCk ME

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2014 iS Going to END.
But After Seeing social india, behaviour of people around me and u i got one point in my mind
is really sex education is necessary for student before class 10(secondary).??
As I Feel Till today we not want it really. a small boy saying sex word so commanly what wE do. The non-veg joke if fav among these age group. all is just because of that sex education. They know more than a mature man. What We Need. Why We need it. from 1951 the AIDS contiuously increasing and i think we dont want to stop it. the main reason is Really SEX Eduaction.
sex education start only when a student get bio as his interestd sub in higher classes.
and the main role of this vulgerness i think these Actress. Their seen , no, thier bold seen. Girls making thier clothes short as short as possible for impressing, and i ask why, they say for making a bf, on meeting recently with a 15 year old girl in a park. and i asked from where u taught this, she said, she saw this in a movie. What We Do Guys.
As A Student Of A Bio, I Personally Say It Should Be Stopped !!

12 11 14 - 09:07:26


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Sex Education, We Don^t Want It?? : Recent Comments


This blog is so immature, disturbing and totally construes sex education as something that misleads the children. Puberty starts approximately in boys and girls at the age of 10, by that time, they start perceiving different things they see around, like an item song where the man is shown getting allured to the woman and giving out an obscene body language. Sex education is not only about how human beings reproduce but the changes the children have in their growing stages, the way they should react if their privacy is violated. It is very important for every schools to have sex education in class 10 atleast.
Rather than wishing necessities like this to be taken down why not wish the adult films and illicit contents from the internet to be taken down?
And if the girl thinks that wearing any kind of dress is making her confident, then let it be, the boys shouldn\'t eve tease them or take advantage of it.
Lastly, as a student, your views are totally immature and I just hope by this year, you have grown up.

01 03 21-09:52:07

- MK__

Why does everyone keep bragging about sex education, how students r exposed to the available sexual content, blah blah blah! But what we don\'t get is the sexual behavior is triggered by hormones and one can truely not have control over it, so instead of teaching people not to have sex, safe sex practices should be taught! As per the minors r considered, they should be made aware about the illegality of having sex before attaining the prominent age!

15 04 18-00:13:32

- addicted

pl ask parents to educate their children in this matter...+ve way..

28 08 16-10:30:48

- hlf_blood_princ

At least dont blame rape for short skirts of gals.if that why women in salwar and saree got raped.They said its may because of their cleavage showing then why the small children gals who even doesnt developed that breasts got raped. damn its only mentality of people.Make them educated only is better option once they will get eductaed he able to think and sex education doesnt mean to study about sex.its just about body parts which opposite gender aware may works if it can be put in a good and arranged manner.And this education before 10..i cant comment on it i dont have any idea

10 06 15-18:19:43

- sboy

i think sex education is need of hour in india. under class ten student desspretlly n33d sex education. its proper time to learn basic knowledge abt sex for betterment of their future. its our responsibility to make a health enviorment for upcoming youth generation :p

09 04 15-23:58:38

- Jhansi_ki_RaNi

First of all bellow 15yrs it\'s not require any sex education..second thing is must be blocked all pornographic websites which is open easily...then need some censor on India cinemas too.we are not American our culture our society our lifestyle totally different from them..because of this all things now crime and rapes increased in India.

07 02 15-11:35:03

- Abhishek99

Ban on Short Dresses!
(lolz) I read about this eDucAtion in chapter- Reproduction in Animals(hehe) Our Bio Teacher(mam) skipd many of its parts (hehe) because of Some NOnsense stdnts!

08 01 15-00:48:07

- LuCk ME

Many Children ! But Why I Couldnot See 10 Of Them Till Now.

18 12 14-00:25:13

- Calypso

A child`s mind is full of questions. Banning something wont solve the problem neither will it bring a solution. It is about the mind of the individual and how strong they can control their feelings. Many children have had Sex Education and they seem perfectly normal!

17 12 14-13:47:40

- Calypso

Here Sex Education gets taught from year 7, year 6 is when puberty gets explained. So, there is a brief video explaining everything, after that science lessons commence normally, but as you mature, of course you would want to know the answer to everything.

17 12 14-13:44:33

- Pi-RAtE

Luck Me Bro Yeah As Our Point of View , Gals Should B Not like this from The Younger age :) It highly Changes Our Culture & Tradition Sex Education is Necessary to overcome this :)

16 11 14-21:32:29

- NitEsH_

They say : i hate love stories! I`ll never marry!
& activity? : i had sex with _ _ people(lmao)
Some Minds have capability of grabbing only negative part of everything!(yawn)

14 11 14-08:16:29

- NitEsH_

Kissing, Smooching, Whole Night Stay With Opposite Gender. . . Etc. . .(blah) What Does These Actions Signify To Those So Called MODERNISED YOUTH?(crack)

14 11 14-08:16:09

- Abhishek99

Currently I am a student of Class 10 and i know Something About This. 2 years, my mind was blank. I was knowing nothing but with some friends and net i learnd many things. I think this may b taught. I dont know about girls.

14 11 14-00:48:04


y men olwys blaming abt der clothin? sucha thinkers shul imprve der thinkin capacity ...below 10 sex knowledge aint neccsary

13 11 14-02:31:07

- Espero

sex education is to educate but what can anybody do if they misuse those education tips :-) coming to ur point actress , we cant do anything abt this also , children who have net connection can search net for vulgar easily , so it depends on individual person how he controls it :)

12 11 14-21:26:48


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