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Nondisposable by: DOraEMon

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Baby you are my favourite,
Does she* know this?
You can turn out my clock up at 12
each the time you appear before me,
You touch my whole the being,
My breath,
My sweat,
For you?
Baby I am now lunatic
Does she know this?
Do you know this?
Baby you toast my mind
You grill my heart
You slice my nights.
You soak me with your love.
You make them all surviving,
Does she know this?
Did you take your speed high baby?
I know I am your assumed Lamborghini
For the longest ride of your road
Holla mama
Please take my life
And brighten my time
With this of your most beautiful gift.
Baby you are Nondisposable,
Baby you first reach to me.

21 01 15 - 05:22:31


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Nondisposable : Recent Comments

- Resilient

Does she know that you\'re writing this dulcet words? (ras) Great great blog!

06 09 16-03:28:04

- Calypso

I know. Me too! Proud to have been and still being your friend here. (tighthug) My wishes for you.

23 01 15-17:30:14

- DOraEMon

Let her say this, then only gonna believe that I am lucky,(teeth) do you know? You are my oldest best friend here @Asiya, feels proud for you.

23 01 15-17:21:15

- Calypso

Beautifully written!! Love reading your poems. What a lucky girl! (winku) (pat)

23 01 15-17:16:07

- DOraEMon

Poor me Angre ji(slaphead) Tu bhi aja sath mein:D

21 01 15-23:48:52

- DOraEMon

Her mother(rofl) And you will be unable to tell her(thinknthink)

21 01 15-23:36:44

- HorizOn

Hahhaaa nice(thumsup) Does she knw this?? who is she tell me ill tell her hehehe

21 01 15-23:13:29


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