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___Once I Dreamed....I can Fly___ by: Oasis

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This poem is dedicated to lost souls who become victims of our unnecessary Act of using glass powder on thread of Kite.
I Dreamed. .I can Fly....
Once I dreamed ..I can fly..
Flying freely through d sky...
An intense Joy....
Breath of Freedom. ...
A beautiful sensation flew through me.....
when I dreamed. ..I can fly..
Flying freely through d sky....
High above all World I was flying. ...
The only breeze was an angle sighing. ...
The warm bright Sun shining over me..
A new Oasis rebirth inside Me. ...
when Flying freely through d sky...
I Dreamed...I can fly...
Floating through my waves of Thought..
I saw another one flying high...
I pushed myself to reach its Height. ..
Stretched my Wings to catch itz Flight..
A joy of being someone with me..made me Smile....
Though it was A dream ...I can Fly..
Flying freely through d sky...
My wings outstretched chasing it to n fro...
I noticed it was nothing but a kite...
Suddenly lost in thought I collided with it...
A hot.. burning..quenching pain
Gripped my entire being....
Unbearable pain never felt in my Life...
As I fell from d sky..
My soul was escaping in Afterlife..
Then I heard a voice of an Angel. ..
^Stretch ur wings...dont stop flying.^ ..
But Life was slowly seeping through Me...
making me numb n Helpless. .
I closed my eyes...
I felt myself soar...
A tear escaped on my cold cheek..
Flying freely through d sky..
I Dreamed once i was a Bird...n I can Fly...

23 01 15 - 01:33:10


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___Once I Dreamed....I can Fly___ : Recent Comments

+ DiAnAmO_-

so true we gujjus celibrates kite festivl bt we never thot too much deep like u did
full of emotion we have to think abt that birds :)
u r amazing writter miss (claps) hates of to ua words

30 10 15-10:54:28

- Nav33d

Nicely written..not only birds even humans have been killed by glass powdered kites. A tanil movie sarvam was also based in the same where the heroin trisha gets killed by the thread mid movie. Not only poetic informative as well. Good keep it up :)

22 06 15-23:07:36

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

(gdreaming)just wanna say wow....The way it expressed so impressived(girlclap) Im goin up(goinup).

15 02 15-18:22:42

- Pi-RAtE

Much Sensitive Blog On Kites !! We All Just Know The Kites fly in Air and We Watch Out Happily ! but behind That Kites rope had Killed Many lives Too !
This Blog is Dedicated to the Birds Got Killed by Kites !! Great Work Siya ! :) Nice One !

01 02 15-10:48:31

+ Maya_

Awesome Blog .. No wonder as its ..Oasis Product ..ndyeah v Cal those kite stuffs as Manja kayiru in Tamil .. tuk evn many human\'s Life

27 01 15-18:22:41

- Calypso

This is beautiful, Siya. Absolutely outstanding. What is glass powder? I never knew that was used on kites.

23 01 15-16:41:25

- Oasis

During Kite celebration ..many birds get injured n died due to d thread wch is used to tie that kite ...a thread on wch glass powder z applied ..

23 01 15-16:36:11

- swordfish

Yaar superbly written...too too good...seriously no words to explain how beautifully u have written it..\"The warm bright Sun shining over me..
A new Oasis rebirth inside Me. ...
when Flying freely through d sky...
I Dreamed...I can fly... \"
pls ppl stop using glass powder on threads...and for u siya hats off to ur writtings(hatsoff)

23 01 15-14:32:52


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