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My Daddy My Ideal by: ShuNaYa_

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A Person Very Dear To Me.. .
Who Is Very Loving And Caring.. .
Who Cry When He Saw Me Crying...
Who Protects Me From Every Pain...
He Is The Fuel In My Train...
A Person Who Is Soft To Me And Taught Me The Lesson Of Sharing...
He Is The Only Reasons Of My charm...
He Is The Wings Of My Arms...
He Taught Me The Importance Of Good Manners, Discipline, Honesty, Sence Of Duty And Reverence Towards Elders In Life...
He Also Taught Me To Help The Poor And The Weak...
And Lodge A Protest Against Injustice...
In Every Matter Of Life I Depend On My Daddy^s Help And Guidance...
His Blessings Are Always With Me...
A Loving Gossip From His Lips Means A Lot To Me...
There Is A Love Behind His Every Scold And Beat, The Best Seat Of The World Is Under His Feet...
You Taught Me.. How To Play...
You Are A Great Source Of Information...
As Well As You Are Gods Best Creation...
You Are A Person So Helpful You Gave Me Nice And Exciting Ventures...
Your Always Keep The Lamp Of Knowledge Burning Bright... You Are The One Who Gave Me Life...
I Can Give Nothing But Love...
Thank you For The Kindness Daddy For Everything You Do...
Thank you For The Happiness Dady For Everything You Gave...
You Are My Father You Are My Mother The Best Of My Best Friend...
No Often Do I Tell You How Much You Mean To Me Daddy Not Often Enough Do I Show You...
I Love You My Daddy My Mumma Papa You Gave Me Life I Can Give Nothing But Love...
Yours Loving Daughter- SILU...

17 03 15 - 02:24:55


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My Daddy My Ideal : Recent Comments

- Arnikoo

Nice blog, u should show them how much you love them because without showing who can you relize ur father that your daughter is here alwsys for you .i guess i said more :p

10 05 15-10:09:39


Nice way to express your feeling buddy...nice words with meaning full seance

24 03 15-21:44:46

- SeNsAtIoNaL_

awww soo swt kina pyal klti h u apne papa se soo swt,, proud ofu

23 03 15-16:22:31

- ShuNaYa_

For me my best friend Z my dad.. (smile) he realy plays an important role in my life.. without him i am nothing

19 03 15-19:09:21

- DiAnAmO_-

Great one silu 1st time read somethin abt daddy.
He is also delicate n dedicated creature.
Bt mostly ppl writt abt mom.nothing wrong in it but daddy is also playin d same n hard role in life.
Really touchy (claps)

19 03 15-18:06:46

- GuDDu

wow really so swt blog silu :) ur blog show how much yu luv to yr parnts n yr parnts realy ll be feel proudly whose got sweet cute lovly doughter as yu :)(goodgirl)

19 03 15-11:56:03

- CooL_HimanshU

wow shu, kitna acha likha hai, :) Mumma papa always love u,

19 03 15-09:43:32

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Your words really shows of how so sweet girl you are.Im pretty sure, your parents specially ur dad would says; YOU ARE AN IDEAL DAUGHTER.(missglam)

18 03 15-15:37:56

- Medicine

Your dad must b proud to have U as Daughter .. u must b amazing daughter I blv .. Nice blog shu bby sis

18 03 15-13:24:29


wow beautiful words from a daughter to a dearest dad(clap) my dad was my best friend nd everything to me,nice blog sis(up) I love it

17 03 15-23:10:27

- lollypops

superbly written.. ammi aur abbu hai hi aise.. dey are d best and d better frnd compared to any other person in dis coner of globe.. I love ma mom d most..:)

17 03 15-22:46:11

- Pi-RAtE

WoW Nice One Silu Sis! :) A Dad Is A Best Creation Of God , He teaches Scolds & Cheer Us In all Our Efforts ! Amazingly Written !

17 03 15-20:53:44

- sboy

everyone should have daughter like u. u have pure heart and pure thoughts. may u live long.. (hug) (smile)

17 03 15-19:08:52

- sam923

Wow!!! U growing under the shadow of devine creation...:) blessed always...

17 03 15-18:14:33

- punkhudi

oh wow nicely written by u shu
cute thoughts for ur paa

17 03 15-16:18:42


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