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An EgoIsTiC GiRl by: sboy

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(wavin-hi) once i met a girl with damn beauty. At the sTartiNg i Found Her a dEceNt Girl. U Couldnt knOw all aBt SoMeoNe at FiRst MeeTing . Afar a day me sEnd A smaliy (rose4u) to her. But I couldnt uNdErstand wHat wEnt WrOng She SudDenly SpekINg FeW DiRty Words To Me aNd My Family. (confused2) I Did nt Understood , Afterall i was Shocked witHout Any Reason i wAs feeling sAd due to Her eGoistIct behavioUr. But i Wont back scold her despite that i appolozige baCk To Her As I wAs Culprit In Her Eyes .....

01 04 15 - 11:49:05


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An EgoIsTiC GiRl : Recent Comments

- YePPeuN-YeoJa

Who is she ? I wanna know ..... she is dumb, im curious too (gthink)

19 04 20-16:13:16

- Que_Sera_Sera

I know who ur talking about..yea she got attitude lik shes the most pretty girl in this whole universe lol but still guys u follow em so its ur fault

12 08 17-10:38:05

- X_NyMpHAdoRA_X

yeah!! there are girls who show unnecessary attitude ._. mm......mmm.

12 03 17-09:06:16

- MuzdalifaH

Dun worry people are more judgmental here they think that they are only so called genius here that they know everything just relax and enjoy yourself here

08 01 17-02:33:26

- fida

Eish maybe she got possessed lol or she cud be bipolar ... U myt never know wat went rong with her but she needs to explain

06 01 17-01:07:31

- n3ur0tic

Chill pill many r egoistic here... And showing ego on vutural world is very funny

24 12 16-21:49:02

- Resilient

The best thing to do is to ask the woman, why she behaved that way.

12 08 16-19:29:21

- AarZuN

U R inN0cent May be U send msg 0n a fake id thIs hapPen when u instantly falL 0n beauty B4 realizing there iz smthIng ur brain iz w0rking 0n it....

30 03 16-21:16:15

- namikaze

You should be grateful you dont need such mental freaks ruining your life just walk out and find other friends

03 05 15-14:48:08

- sboy

no dude god promise i nt even speak a singal vulgar word to her. i dnt knw what went wrong she could better knw :( :( :(

03 04 15-00:25:42


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