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DIRTY little SECRET by: SaFirA

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in de name of (love3)...
should u hide behind de wall?!
(tissue) left in de corner watching her/him enjoying her/his lovey-dovey in public
behind de wall, s/he loves u like a king/queen of de heart...
but infront of other people s/he treats u like unwanted creature...
sometimes u have to be strong for urself...
(love3) is worth fighting for...
but sometimes u cant be de only one fighting...
at times s/he needs to fight for u...
to prove her/his (love3) too...
if s/he doesnt, u have just to move on...
let her/him realized what u gave them was more than s/he was willing to give...
and more than s/he deserves it...
(blossom)if S/HE loves YOU truly... surely S/HE will share about u to everyone... no ONE deserves to be someone^s DIRTY LITTLE SECRET... even in de name of (love3)(blossom)

23 04 15 - 08:32:42


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DIRTY little SECRET : Recent Comments

- wii0

hm...iya kak...kenapa yhh ada aja orang kayak gt...hehe. Kk pemerhati hal\" yg kecil\" juga. :) semangatt ^^

28 05 17-08:06:40

- MuzdalifaH

Nice words ... Nice blog ... Hope this ever happen to me and anyone .. Keep it up

06 03 17-16:37:36

- crazytipz01

if Love is true and pure with loyalty n honesty and transparency ...theres no need to hide lies...

10 04 16-03:25:21

- softwareboy

Yes! That\'s true... I\'m not worried to share about my love to whole world. I\'m in love with a beautiful princess.

25 03 16-14:10:54

- SViNTHiLa_A0ife

(cry2) nice blog ka fira, just let him go... I mean why should u wait for such a guy who hurt u...

11 09 15-10:46:04

- iceangel

In the name of LOVE why should that person put you by the wall or in a corner if that person LOVES you so much then why not in public too. No you SHOULD drop that person like a hot potatoe and just dump the person. You are so much better than that.

21 05 15-07:14:45

- sexyfox

will..if u love someone really true..then u dont need to hide it..unless..she/he craved for sumone else someone need to be proud of it...even thou watheva happnd atleast once u love him/her that much..

24 04 15-05:11:18

- Bushra

why should we care about such people? does it make sense to remember or admire people who doesnt worth it? :) I dont think so. :) Keep moving forward and care for those who need u, Not those who dont care :)

23 04 15-13:27:40

- AssasIn-X

nice blog dear same problem going my with her I can name her name but some times I think she realy close to me but some she avoide me I m in small confusion but by seeing ur blog I feel not to leave her :p

23 04 15-09:28:46


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