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Give Me The Wings To Fly by: ShuNaYa_

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Give Me The Wings To Fly.. So That I Can Fly High Far Away From The Sky..
To Fulfill My Dreams And To Fill My Life With Colours.. And Enhance Their Zeal To Live..
Give Me Just Once The Oppurtunity To Smile.. Let My Tensions Gets Compile..
Give Me Freedom From The Tears.. So That My Life Will Not Take The Reverse Gear..
Give Me The Safer Place For Survival And Erase The Darkness From The Place For My Revival..
Everything In My Heart I Say.. Every Desire In My Eyes I Pour..
Give Me The Basic Amenities Of Life.. So That I Can Be Healthy Wealthy And Wise..
Give Me The Love And Affection I Deserve To Receive..
Give All These Things Back To Me..
So That I Can Fly Far Away From The Sky.. Far Away From The Sky.. Give Me The Wings To Fly

07 05 15 - 07:34:32


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Give Me The Wings To Fly : Recent Comments

- Resilient

What a very nice blog (toohappy) Fly high!

06 10 17-18:15:43

- ballsnack

veqy touching lines,dats ryt we al wish wings to fly at some point of lyf,dats whn we feel v deserv mr dn our share to prove.

10 07 15-06:46:55

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

Umm..(innocent)After Reading Second Time,It Reminds me of a Songs
Giv me Sm Sunshine.. Giv me Sm Rain..
Giv me Anothr Chance, i wanna Grow up Once Again..
Keep it Up!!(up)Nicely Decorated nd Written..:p Hope so Smday ur Dream Come True..(invisible)

10 05 15-13:20:12

- Pi-RAtE

Great Feelings To Feel Sis!! Super blog Gives A Hope In One self ! Nice I Wish You Will b Given Everything More than the Wings In Your Life (pat) Stay blessed ! Just b yourself and Do More ! :)

08 05 15-22:25:52

- SViNTHiLa_A0ife

Shunaya (hehehe) if someday u have wings to fly ? Dont forget to take me, fly fly fly to da sky (hehehe) nice blog shunaya (up) keep it up (happy)...

08 05 15-05:46:18

- Arnikoo

Wanna fly too (fly2) ...
u wanna also fly take this
and fly and full fill oll ur dreams (fly2)

07 05 15-21:34:28

- Bushra

Matches much with my poetry... Mujhy azad kr dy is qafas sy.. especially, K may b aik taayr hun mujhy urhna b ata hy... Nice to read :)

07 05 15-13:26:37

- Helohelo

Really uplifts me (victory) U hav wat it takes. Always keep the spirit ablaze (wow)

07 05 15-11:46:47

- dUsHt

amen..may god fulfil ur as well wishes..

07 05 15-10:27:31


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