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HeliOtrOpE by: Medicine

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I feel Adrift! !!!
I feel out of control ..
I feel Lost ...
I feel a Sense Of Purposelessness...
I feel emptiness...
I feel like not having clarity In life...
I feel like No path To follow...
I feel like I took all wrong decision...
I feel like am Aiming at Nothing...
I feel like m not free to roam ...
Ironically! When I saw Sunflower ... !I feel like dreams Can Create Meaning to life ..
I feel like Dreams makes my life much easier ..
I feel like dream is a bridge To where I want to be..
I feel like dream is destination to end up something Good ...Its HOPE..
Like How ...
Sunflower Keep living For SuN...I know Heliotrope Plant Faces Sun ...
I Will be like a HeliOtrOpE Facing HOPE!!!

01 06 15 - 01:27:43


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HeliOtrOpE : Recent Comments

- azure

Think all of us feel this way... It\'s just a phaze. But it\'s a nice poem full of hope and that\'s what matters

05 09 15-17:34:08

- ZeRo

Helitrope for Hope..Great idea..:) loved the way u turned the pessimism to optimism..Life is subtle and its the hope which makes it firmer. Nicely written..:)

04 06 15-23:27:26

- HorizOn

Nice blog (bravo) . yeah never loose hope nai

03 06 15-13:10:22

- Helohelo

(wow) nice thought! Keep writing. I miss ur blogs (smile)

01 06 15-09:51:38


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