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Mute proposal by: DOraEMon

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When you sweeten your lovely bird
I blush with joy with my pure eyes.
I love to smell your romances
He is so blessed.
I stare
I wait
I love to see your love
Because you brightens up his aura
With your heavenly minerals.
I love him loving you
Yes I love him care
I wish you had the power to keep him forever !
Cause I never wanna see you cry.
Cause I gathered so much blockage in my heart baby.
Does he really care?
Does he meets you in your prayer?
Wish you had the power !
Because my love is you
Unconditionally you...
Keep this love alive forever
Because my love your love.

09 06 15 - 09:00:26


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Mute proposal : Recent Comments

- spicyxone

its korny but has some impact in my heart. So I will embedded it in my heart.

27 11 15-06:55:13

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Very meaningful and heartily expressed by: ThE_FaCtS.

15 06 15-08:25:02

- DOraEMon

Dont know who will be that someone(ohoh)

09 06 15-21:55:31

- DOraEMon

Hope atleast someone will try to understand this(hehe)

09 06 15-21:02:25


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