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Will yOu Be Mine, Please?? by: LuCk ME

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^... i kn0w yOu havE that ^killer smile^ but I Dont...
... i knOw You Will nOt ^like mE^ But i Did it...
... i knOw yOu are ^Attached^ Already by SomeonE But I am juSt with yOu...
^... i kn0w yOu have that ^Catty Big Eyes^ But I Dont...
... i knOw You Will nOt give mE ^A Chance^ But I want it...
... i knOw yOu are ^Cheated^ Already By Someone But Still I Am juSt that I wanT yOu...
^... i knOw yOu have that ^Ziddi Attitude^ But I Dont...
... i knOw yOu are ^Broken Up Inside^ But I want tO Do Change...
... i knOw yOu are Not Interested In mE, But I am...
^... i knOw yOu have ^Unforgottable Past Bad story^ & me tOo...
... i knOw yOu nOt like mE ^Even A Bit^ But Just want tO Say all are nOt same..
... i knOw yOu have good friend and memories for yOur all life, But For me Its You always...
juSt yOu..
juSt yOu..
By yOur °careless °hopless °rude °dude...
juSt yOu ^°^My Maggy^°^ My Mad Ziddi Angry Girl...
[Maggy is A Nick Name Of A Girl, I like Her.]
[thE Word Hopeless careless rude dude, is orginally from Livewire^S Will yOu Blog. Thanks.]
Hope yOu Will like My POEM.

20 06 15 - 03:10:49


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Will yOu Be Mine, Please?? : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

Nice blog hope she understand you feelings nice lines

02 05 17-11:26:03


Chaaw gye bhai...awesome(love)
I like this blog

16 03 17-21:03:28

- Tiger_Warrior

I have a girl i like too,but we are too far apart.Which makes me sad.:(

10 08 16-02:54:11

- HorizOn

Wow, awesome lines, I like the way you wrote this blog (good)

23 08 15-21:26:21

- -RoHaN_RoXxTaR-

nice blog lakme bro
make sure she reads this too ;)
nd i dont know y it took a wrong rating from me?? grr

07 07 15-08:34:18

- Pi-RAtE

Nice Blog Luck Me bro ! You will B Luckier Soon To Have the Some One Whom Yu Hav Mentioned here ! Sooner or later :p

27 06 15-08:17:04

- livEwirE

There are many careless hopeless rude dudes, its sad to see that you going through it and joining the same club now. I wish good about you always bro !!

26 06 15-19:21:26

- DiAnAmO_-

Awsm words n descreption thekedar (up)
Ur word arrangment n hand writin is awsm
Keep it up

21 06 15-00:41:58

- ArYaNO_

awsm one bro(up)nycly expressd d feelngs..keep it up bro.(fclap)

21 06 15-00:41:15


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