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My Dear Friend Upasana by: ShuNaYa_

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I know you since 13years.. I met with you 13years ago.. I miss you till todays date..But its a very bad that i forgotten your exact birth date.. Whenever i sit idle hiding myself from the surroundings i try to recollect all those memories of us of class 1..I was crying desperately in an empty class room with a flowing nose..Then suddenly i felt a hand pulling my hairs from behind.. And i turned back and i saw a girl wiping out my tears from her handkerchief,patting my head and hugging me and saying dont cry dont cry ssshhh.. She was smart, cute, she use to giggle with a sparkling face, she was caring and yes rarely mute..
Days pass on from good friends to we became close friends.. We use to bring similar types of school bags, comp us box, water bottles etc etc.. We use to do homeworks at a time and use to get punishments at a time
Those moments are still there in my heart.. But as said days are not always same as we want..
The next day class was suspended.. My Dad called to my school and we came to know that..
A Girl Named UPASANA of CLASS 1 Got Died Due To Suffering From Malaria..
I cant express what i felt at that moment..And the same i am feeling right now..But the difference is at those times you were there to wipe my tears..But now i am helpless.. Still your silu miss you upasana and i love you so much.. I miss your hug..
But i believe our friendship was spiritual.. Built upon unconditional bonds.. We are separated but your friendship will always remain in my heart and soul..

21 06 15 - 04:39:37


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My Dear Friend Upasana : Recent Comments

- SeNsAtIoNaL_

aww so much touchy (cry) upasna jo hua use kn bdalskta h ... plz cntrl urself sis

27 06 15-02:01:12

- CooL_HimanshU

hamesha rula deti hai mujhe...(sady) ab me kya batau frndshp k bare me,sab mujhe jyada ache se jante hai

21 06 15-20:28:25


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