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___ForbiddeN LovE ___ by: Oasis

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Forbidden Love
I am falling for you so Hard
Cant you let down your Guard.. .
You FUTZES around Rockchat CUTIES.......
See my innocent heart ..not external beauties.......
Beauty can fade ..its fifty shades.........
My true emotions ..never degrades......
Dont behave like a JESUIT priest.......
Consider Me ..I am not a mist.....
I know there will never be U and Me .......
It doesnt mean I cant see a dream....
I cant resist your charm...its true ........
But want a friendly GESTIC from you.....
I made images of us in FUSTIC sculpture .......
Keep close to your heart ..dont make it rupture......
Forbidden fruits can be most deceiving....
But look sweet and most appeasing.......
In real can their taste still pleases....
Or depends on how you like your JUICES.........
I am tired of your continuous absence.....
I cant bear anymore your unspoken silence ......
I love U like an Innocent Love .....
Can you JUSTICE my forbidden Love .....
This poem was written in showstopper task by me as a task ... 2 yrs back ... n This z my first poem wth rhymes;p

23 06 15 - 01:03:15


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___ForbiddeN LovE ___ : Recent Comments

- kish21Royal

Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end. Bitter always follows the sweet, especially when it come to love. Especially when it come to forbidden love.

25 05 16-20:25:05

- ArYaNO_

Nyc (tup) heart tchy blog...U r n exprt in describng feelngs in poems..(up)

30 10 15-15:12:55

- HorizOn

Ahaaan so you brought a blog back from history (hehe)..
Btw nice lines .. and yeah who is he?? :p

27 06 15-22:50:31

- DiAnAmO_-

Awsm poem sadu (bravo) i knw ua good writer
U have capacity to decribe everythin with words
Its realy hert touching (hehe) bt for whom who have heart :p

24 06 15-16:31:01


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