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How to judge a stranger while chatting on social networks by: creed

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There are various ways to judge character, personality, worth and status of a person via any social network. Following are various tips that a person can use to make a judgement about a user.
Tip 1: The way you can judge a persons worth by checking out his shoes in real life, similarly you can check out an internet friends financial status by inquiring about the type of phone that person is using.
For Example: If a person uses iPhone 6 or a high end Android phone then most probably that person is financially well off.
Usability of Tip: At times you meet people on internet who are way too irritating and brag about their financial worth in a hyperbolic way. I have seen so called millionaires bragging about their super rich financial cult status while using a Nokia X2 handset - is that not funny?.
Tip 2: Beware of those who add the term na or the term ok at the end of their messages. They are simply ignorant idiots. While the ones using -na are generally cozy and warm, the ones using -ok are downright arrogant and stupid. However they have one common trait i.e. both are poorly educated and have no knowledge of language proficiency.
For Example: Some sentences from users - I was waiting for you na , I am an engineer ok
Usability of Tip: While the -na people can be endearing ones, however talking to them is a complete waste of time and would eventually spoil your language too. As for the -ok people, its best to ignore them, they are like wild bulls left a mock in market. They would only contribute to your frustrations.
Tip 3: It is not necessary that the ones who look good are actually good people, or even real.
Faking a pic is quite easy. These days the amount of new models entering the cyberspace has exponentially increased. A pic can easily surpass duplicate detection if its color gradient is changed, angle is changed, image is cropped etc etc. However even if a person is good looking, it does not mean that the person is a good one to talk to. Most of the supposedly better looking people have an attitude issue. They think that others should worship them for their beauty. They have extensive amount of jealousy issues too. They cannot bear the fact that their ex-bf is hooking up with a not so good looking girl. This issue is same among men however with a lesser severity. You know, men are in the end chauvinist pigs, hence the jealousy attribute does not bother men much. As long as they know that their prey is a fleshy one with nice legs.
Usability of Tip: This tip is completely universal and applies mostly with girls. However the photo faking activity is rampant among both genders.
Tip 4: If you are into adult/naughty chat you should hide your personal details. If you are into personal chat you should hide your naughty side.
This is especially concerning for girls: You need to understand that letting a guy see your face and body contours and him even knowing your personal details like full name, number, email etc are very diabolical for you. Either you let him enjoy your beauty or either you get seriously hooked (hitched) with him. If you do both, make sure you are on a path to a very committed relationship, else this would hurt you real badly.
For Example: I know of one specific user who tried to blackmail a girl here. Ofcourse the girl eventually left this site, however that guy keeps on showing up his ugly head over here from time to time.
Usability of Tip: Understand that, sharing privates is not a crime but doing that and then even sharing personal info puts you in a lot of trouble.
Tip 5: Always verify facts, if you cannot verify then atleast do not take strangers words for their inflated value.
I have seen some people making claims over here that they are Managers and what not at a young age. Yes some people can scale those heights at young age. I myself became a Manager at the age of 26 however not everybody can make it high that very fast. Always verify the authenticity of claims. Some people would say that they are currently staying in a 5 star hotel in Hong Kong for an international business client meeting, but in reality they would be texting from some dilapidated building or shanty in Mumbai. Hence never take that persons word for truth.
Usability of Tip: People try to sweeten the affair and get extra cozy with girls or boys by overstating their status. It is stupid. However it does wonders in making a fool out of the opposite person. Both men and women do it, however men are found to be doing it more often than women.
Tip 6: Just because a person is staff does not mean that the person is trustworthy.
Please understand that selection of people for staff work is made with regard to the requirement for administration control. If a person is a MOD today, does not mean that the person will remain as a moderator forever. Ofcourse that person can get promoted to higher status however there is nothing permanent here. It all depends upon the ever evolving attitude of the populace.
Usability of Tip: Stop having fake faith in staff. Ofcourse they might be better individuals than the rest however do not take their non-staff actions as the right judgement, else you might find yourself ripped and hurt. There have been many a cases of rogue staff in past.
Tip 7: Stay away from people who coerce or tactfully pressurize.
Coercing does not necessarily mean something done with authority. Sometimes it would be done so tactfully that your wont even realize. People who act like pesky glued irritants are people who should be avoided at all costs. The more allowance you make for them the more they will trouble you.
Usability of Tip: If a person does not understand the definition of NO , then that person is bound to make problems for you. That person will forcefully force you into a corner and use your own words against you.
Tip 8: A person who entices you to break site rules is definitely not your friend.
Remember that if you break a rule, then punitive action will always happen against you. Not against the person who enticed you to break a rule.
For Example: Some weirdos were once noted abusing staff members in open room as a part of their truth or dare activity. Both were eventually threatened with a ban.
Usability of Tip: A person who gives you tips upon how to misuse the site or do something wrong is definitely not a good person. Ignore or report such people pro-actively.
I hope this helps somebody (people) to gauge the true nature of strangers when talking to them on social networks. Some people might feel offended reading this blog, however I have not named anybody in here. Chatting with strangers on social network would not necessarily be bad, however one needs to ensure due carefulness and restraint.

26 06 15 - 01:31:18


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How to judge a stranger while chatting on social networks : Recent Comments

- simplechick

I think I need water after reading this.. Makes me gasping for air.. As always your words are on point.. :)

01 08 20-21:30:44

- Mirage

This blog should be very helpful to those who are either new on internet social sites or tend to get easily attached emotionally with strangers on virtual world.. Your most of the tips are very practical and useful indeed.. Hope people who will read it also will learn to remember and apply this tips during their net socialization time.. Thank you for explaining all this....

22 07 17-22:23:17

- Crepe

I don\'t know why your blogs keep appearing in my main page. (puzzled) Nevertheless, this one is really helpful. I should be very careful then, not that my nick emplies to do so. It\'s better to be cautious than sorry. Thanks for the awesome blog again.

28 05 17-12:00:17

- rck77

Good read indeed...well u did put light on some essential facts which were ignored by most.

25 11 16-10:13:34

- SoccerGirl10

Haha honestly ur blog is too long! But I read half of it and yea I agree thou and well also thx for telling us this tips! (vhappy)

01 08 16-03:43:09

- Bushra

The rules, activities, of users are points agreeable but judging by phone, language i disagree.. I had nokia N95 this year.. our family runs an org.. Nobody would judge me by a mere phone.
Nobody should agree to all points. Its a one man thought:)

21 12 15-14:04:40

- suhani21

Blog is nice but u cant judge a person with his words or mobile he used. May be u have never visited punjab. Here u will find many people are using iphone 6 But when u will come to know about their real identity u will be shocked. Bcos mostly they are son of farmers and only 10th passed. But their status is too high like CA (hehe) Its truth.

16 10 15-11:08:10

- Afham_

Mmmm BLog is So True, No Doubt, But I Like to Use Antique Phones E.g Simbians are My Fav. Choice either I\'m not so Rich and Live in ViLLage but I can Afford a Good Samsung e.g s2, 3, 4, or E Series of Samsung tho, but I Don\'t as I Said, I\'m Symbians Lover. Now a Days I\'m Using Nokia 8800, it\'s antique and Very CooL of it\'s Time! Anyhow, Remaining aLL facts was So True. I Liked whoLe bLog And ProbabLy it\'s the onLy Long bLog that I read whoLe :p LoL, it\'s quite intresting and attractive indeed :D nice info HeLpY Buddy =) Thank You So Much For CLearification Some of My Concepts. :)

10 07 15-20:37:15

- SanDeep_Rocky

Nice creed bro gave now a days most of people traped bcoz of social networks if all take safety measures they wont be cheated.

04 07 15-19:28:02

- Calypso

Wow. Finally someone with brains. Thank you. It is very useful! ... You should feature this on the main page.

30 06 15-19:22:54

- smile_everyday

Thanku so much for the help. I will surely keep this in mind

26 06 15-06:04:21

- SaFirA

nice tips, Tanzil Ji (cutie) this will help (rockchat1)^s members to judge strangers while chatting to them (thankieu) for sharing such wonderful and useful tips with us

26 06 15-05:49:42


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