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The Mystery of Mr Gcrawl by: creed

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It has been approximately 10 months since Gcrawl was introduced in RockChat. A completely nondescript user, who merely jumped around the chatrooms. In this span of less than a dozen months, Gcrawl has become somewhat of a news generator or at-least a subjective topic to talk about. This has been a very interesting and unique situation.
Before you read below, I would like to clarify that it is not me who is using the Gcrawl ID, as he is somebody very much better than me!
I will not reveal as to what Gcrawl actually does. But today I can say that Gcrawl is almost as humane as other users here :p . He joins chatrooms (however he stays mute except for hitting random people and making them hit him back). Sometime he is found hitting certain people more often, thus making them think that Gcrawl is on a vengeance mission. Anyways I can however guarantee that he holds no grudges against anybody. At times people have even accused Gcrawl of following them, carrying of secret espionage. Dear all ... Gcrawl would never try to intimidate you, if he likes you, maybe then he might follow you into some rooms.
I have come across few female users who literally have developed a liking towards Gcrawl. It kind of baffles me that some women even love his silence. I once logged into Gcrawl s account since he shares his passwords with me :p I found out that few female users had actually written messages to him. Such a lucky guy he is. I guess the female kind here is literally fed up of the so called male chauvinist pigs (ras). Thankfully the amount of pigs is being curtailed due to the auto-ignore trash system. The ignore-trash system system is something that I shall talk about some other day maybe.
Gcrawl has even made 4 people his friends here. I would say that it is a miracle that he has been making friends (toohappy). Web Doctors had given hope upon him by saying that Gcrawl would never be able to socialize :( . However am really glad that Gcrawl has been making friends with people.
Today I even noticed Gcrawl making public prayers for some people here. This is such a great news! Maybe someday we will all actually get to see the real Gcrawl. Till then, his adventures will continue and he will be making news for all of us everyday.

27 06 15 - 11:04:01


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The Mystery of Mr Gcrawl : Recent Comments

- Tazzy_The_Devil

Gcrawl is the rockstar you mention about in the other blog of yours. So popular amongst the ladies, oh how to be him :p lol

22 10 17-15:53:56

- hungry_birdie

it would be awesome if he can post a single hi or hello.that would make members shocked..that after a very long time he finally spoke..(ras)

05 03 17-09:28:05

- Black_Widow

I thought gcrawl was a robot to start with, thanks for this blog.(thumbsup)

11 05 16-16:00:20

- liam89

Lmfao ahahaha (ras) this made be laugh. The guy truly is an enigma

24 03 16-21:44:59

- Abhishek99

Gcrawl the cow-crow (ppthinking) silencer like oNe in 3-idiots movie. I like her silence Girl-crawl (hehe) (lotpot)

11 03 16-20:07:43

- -RoHaN_RoXxTaR-

I\'d have come to know about him this late if I hadn\'t seen this:-
you have 5 Places left
gcrawl: Accept, Decline
I asked people. Many said he\'s a bot. But the phenomena of being viewed by a bot is too attractive for me. But as i was told, nothing came as a reply. So I wouldn\'t accept. Now, knowing he is a person {possibly} makes this less suspicious and say what... normal? It\'s hilarious to bother people to some extent anonymously. I\'ve done it, too much fun when it\'s harmless.

27 01 16-23:07:14

- M3Perfect

But I don\'t know how he/she manage..means he/she having a senseless life coz I dnt know a people hv such a time for such kind of thing..literally...aimless here or even in ream... Dammn

22 01 16-00:17:19


I had always thought gcrawl isnt human, or I mean hes a computer generated identity and hes just a bunch of codes glued together to assume a virtual identity and no actual person is manning him, (haha2) Then some users said hes mute, so I thought maybe hes punished sorta like on probation thingy, maybe he cant talk as punishment after doing something against rc rules. Yeah, its amazing and amusing the way how fast he hops around room to room. Its a wonder xD. gcrawl must have fast but silent keypad/screen fingers. One time it seemed like hes around 24/7 that it made me think that hes probably a secret rc undercover police, something like that. At one time, the thought that hes the creator of rc even crossed my mind. Nice blog BTW, for giving clues to the mystery of the phantom gcrawl.

26 11 15-09:03:25

- crazytipz01

Now this would not mKe me think that Gcrawl is a stalker(giggle)

19 11 15-12:35:28

- imusika

I assume he was my stalker :D hahaha cant remember if I sent him a msg xD kudos for him for staying silent I hope our path will cross someday. Lol

17 11 15-17:58:58

- HappyAngeLic

hehe he is very different person gcrawl
always hiting people in chat room

31 10 15-07:13:19

- Dazzling_Diva

Awww gcrawl...(sadeyes) u followed me many times in chatrooms(tooshy) bt i wish u culd b waiting for dat day(givinsmile)
Thanku so mch creed (thankyou)

03 09 15-10:13:20

- Dexter_

Finally read sumthing abt gcrawl.. Anyways it z an interesting character introduced by whosevr might be.. Bt.. Serious I really liiked d name gcrawl.. Crawling here nd dere..gud work RC ...(up)

10 08 15-02:02:32


lol dtz d mystery of dangelous zelo :p

02 07 15-08:04:49

- Pi-RAtE

Yeah I Have seen GCrawl here In Chatrooms all the time ! But he Never Talked to Me Anything yet:p I Wish One day He Will talk With me:) And Its Really Nice of Seeing Silence In Him ! Cos I Like Silent People :)
They are Meant Fr Soft And Sweet Nature :) See Ya Soon Crawlie !!

28 06 15-18:09:00

- Afham_

Hahaha! Awww it\'s So funny, Just yerterday I had Shared my Views about GcrawL, and Seems Like I was Right but Bit wrong =D Anyhow, The Thing I want To mention here is, not OnLy GirLs are FaLLing in Love with Him :p I\'m aLso GcrawL fan XD but I\'m not Gonna Marry Him! LoL

28 06 15-11:46:45

- sillynikki

OH. MY. GOD. (sillyme) Creed saw my PM to gcrawl (imdead)

28 06 15-11:12:59


well said women love his silence l..:p i lyk to tease (tease) make fun of hm..i knw many boys get jealous on him:p

28 06 15-08:41:11

- SViNTHiLa_A0ife

Hi hi I thought gcrawl is a DOLLYBOT (hehehe) wondering why he always hits me in chatroom (sadyeyes) so please gcrawl give me ur answer (nono) don\'t do that to me again ...... Himneseoyo gcrawl ^^

28 06 15-03:49:32

- HorizOn

Awww ... Iam so lucky iam one of gcrawls 4 friends (toohappy) .. (hehe)

27 06 15-23:46:27

- SaFirA

well i treat gcrawl as my RC brother; so i use to tease him o freakin other guys that i have crushed on diz gcrawl btw i wish all RC boys as cool as gcrawl *good-crawlin-boy* (winkygirl)

27 06 15-23:26:18


Tnx creed for sharing this ... I dont like boys making fun onGCRAWL in chatrooms because he cant respond...eventhough he s good entertainer,.. Convey my love to him (blush)

27 06 15-23:21:48


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