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gcrawl gcrawl gcrawl on my wall by: SaFirA

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(gabc) gcrawl... gcrawl... gcrawl!
u keep crawlin here and there
whenever i see u...
i stop replyin others
you snatched my attention
with your silence present...
(gabc) gcrawl... gcrawl... gcrawl!
how i wonder whose inside u...
creeping invisible with his fishy intention
keepin u so silent and cold...
around us; de crowd and busy chatters
(gthinking) gcrawl... gcrawl... gcrawl!
dont you wish to chat ?
dont you wish to mingle ?
dont you wish to love ?
dont you wish to shout out loud ?
just like us; a crazy chatters
(ginluv) gcrawl... gcrawl... gcrawl!
you reminds me of my darliebee
he used to keep silent...
busy jumpin here and there
from one room to de other room
just to draw my attention....
he used to hit o hug me
undirectly (miss-shy) cuz we were in each other ignore list
(gabc) gcrawl... gcrawl... gcrawl!
dont blame me if i cant get off my eyes from u
dont get mad when i (chamat) o (bachao) u...
its all your faults (exertion)
why you were born silent...
and act so cold like madbee (bluebee)
(gabc) gcrawl... gcrawl... gcrawl!
i wish you could talk; just like us... so u can chat o post
i wish you have feeling; to xpress whats in your heart and mind
i wish you meet your crawlin-mate; inlove, get married and happily ever after...
gcrawl... gcrawl... gcrawl... i wish you have good crawlin time and enjoy your crawlin
take good care of yourself cuz we dont know hows you- tell us if you are not feeling well...
we (love3) you and we will take good care of u
gcraaaawlllllll... (bachao) (ohoh) :p

30 06 15 - 11:14:10


Rate: 4.7142857142857 - Points: 33

gcrawl gcrawl gcrawl on my wall : Recent Comments

- whatsinaname

I live under a rock. So hi. Who is gcrawl. Who made u this mad..??

11 12 19-23:42:48

- Crepe

(thumbsup) Nice blog! Looks like you said all I wanna say to ghost.Hmm, that Ghost is really popular,huh? Jeez, should need to hire his PA then. (studious) gonna be his paparazzi (foto)

14 04 17-00:16:54


u r d only person with whom i flirt everytime
u r d one whom i love u!!!!
u r d centre of attractn of all ppl of RC (toohappy)

12 08 16-08:19:27

- ArYaNO_

haha..awsm blog safi(fclap)..reli gcrawl is amazng personality seeming(tup)
lol well described ur views or mayb u gttng crush on gcrawl(teasing).gbu keep writing(up)

30 06 15-14:04:17

- Kashif_

Neelam ji you also like him(fedup)Silent gcrawl you know why you famous(bruningheart) Cos Silence is complete Peace and Harmony without wealth and riches. Silence is Worship without any effort Silence is a castle without any walls (barriers) Silence is conquering without any weapons Silence is fear and awe without any leadership (kingship).:)

30 06 15-11:52:19

- DiAnAmO_-

Lol dude u r getting attension of every gal from rc.
Give us some tips
We also wnt some attension :p
In fact in short time rc Guys ll start planin to kill u coz of attention ua gettin from chikz

30 06 15-11:26:53


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