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Which Mobile phone to buy in between July 2015 and Sep 2015 by: creed

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This blog stems from a question asked by a certain user to me ... I suppose, this question persists in the minds of many people. However I will be answering this question in accordance with the requirements of that user. It is most suitable for people from India and can be relevant only in the months of July , Aug and Sept 2015. I will also explain why this question will loose relevancy later-on ...

The best part about this question is that, the user had been clear about his/her budget. He/She clearly stated that his/her budget hovered around 10k which is approximately 158 dollar (USD) or 7105 peso (PHP).

The questionnaire definitely was not interested in flashy overpriced stuff i.e. iPhone. It is true that iPhone is and might continue to remain the most cherished smart phone, however its value-for-money just does not appeal. Given the fact that Apple is doling out new products eery 6 months, thus killing its own market of older products. The probability of using an outdated (supposedly) fashionable (and classy) phone remains very high. Apple iPhone is by far the best quality phone and in someways it does deserve its price tag, however I am never going to be pro-Apple. (I however do not mind if somebody donates me a swanky new iPhone 6 (toohappy))

Eliminating out iPhone (which never was a chosen contender) , the second best option is to get an Android phone. Now, Android phones have a huge cost range span. You can get an Android (kitkat version) phone for as low as 4500 rupees (INR) , i.e. approx 71 dollar (USD) or 3200 peso (PHP) however will that phone work for you for even 3 months ? That would purely depend upon your luck.

I will be specifically talking about the brands existing in Indian market. Hence people from other countries may find that these brands may not exist in their countries.

The aforementioned user disclosed to me, his/her past bad experience of using a Micromax. I would make a personal comment here about Micromax. The phones belonging to this brand are imported from China just like all other phones. There is no-such so called true Indian-ness (swadeshi) attached to this brand. The owner of that company simply purchases all parts from Shenzhen (china) and sells it here at a profit margin. His business has been so lucrative that he now owns a Lamborghini. If people believe the fact that they are adding to the wealth of their nation by buying phone from an Indian company , they are simply being stupid!

Micromax phones have incurred both, ruthless critics as well as loyal supporters. Buying a Micromax Android phone is very much a risky buy ( call ) just like every other phone. Infact Micromax in order to keep their final cost low, ends up loading its phone with loads of junk applications. This then leaves very less memory for you to utilize (surely if you are one of those geeks you can format ( root ) your phone and install mods of available Android OS thus getting rid of the stupid application clutter). The main point here is that Micromax gets mooolah i.e. money from App developers for bundling their phones with those apps (non-deletable). Since those pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled (they can be disabled), however even when they are disabled, they end up eating precious phone memory.

Now, the aforementioned user also told me that he/she wanted a phone with good camera (Micromax certainly fails in this regard). First I shall explain about why Micromax and other shitty brand phones fail with regard to Camera specs. Firstly companies like Micromax jack-up their camera specs to high limits. The camera picture quality of a 13 MP Micromax camera is equivalent to the picture quality of a 5 MP camera of a Samsung or 3.5 MP camera of a Motorola / Sony. To add nore misery to their users, a photo taken by Micromax phone will be in double digit MBs while the same quality photo taken by other branded phones will hardly be 1 MB. Such is the difference! Micromax phones are equipped with sub-standard camera lenses, and their post-photo processing only involves jacking-up the photo size with no improvement in picture quality whatsoever.

The other thing that this user requested was a phone with good amount of features. The following a list of basic features (their pros and cons as per me) ...
4.5 inches or bigger touch screen. The bigger your touch screen, the harder it is to handle the phone and the higher is the possibility that it will fall of your hand. So make sure to try out handling dummy bars of the phone before actually buying. A 5.5 inch phone surely makes your palm pain when holding for a long amount of time.
A good sturdy casing. It does not matter if the back cover is of aluminum or plastic, what matters is that it should withstand local wear and tear and it should be somewhat water resistant.
Gorilla Corning Glass 3. Micromax states that its phones have gorilla corning glass and you will note that yet still their phones require an anti-scratch layer protection. True gorilla corning glass based screen require no such scratch protection. And yes, gorilla corning glass does not mean unbreakable glass, it simply means scratch-proof glass.
4G connectivity. It is estimated that 4G would launch country-wide this year itself hence having a phone that has 4G (LTE) connectivity makes more sense.
Dual Sim. Having a Dual sim phone is no-more a fad, it is a basic requirement. I see many iPhone chimps carrying two mobile phones, one is their treasured iPhone and other is a nondescript Android phone or even a 1st generation BnW display phone (ras).
Battery capability in proportion with the Display size. The bigger the display the higher would be your battery consumption. For a 4.5 inches display phone having a 2100 mAh battery is the most basic specification.
Minimum 1 GB RAM Of-course you can be greedy about this and look for a minimum of 2 GB RAM. However make sure that the processor is fast enough too.
Minimum 4 GB of free Internal Memory . This is something which sadly is never addressed in many standard specs. This is very much important as it determines how many extra applications you can add in your phone. I have come across phone owners who cannot install any new application on their phone after installing one single gaming application i.e. Candy Crush. Try to look for the section User Memory within the listed specification so that you would be certain of it.
32 GB expansion slot This is something every standard smartphone has these days.
Primary Camera flash For some reasons, some idiotic camera manufacturers do not add flash in their phones. and some even add mistimed camera flash which is completely useless when taking photos in dark.
Designed for Android Kitkat and capable of running Lollipop. You do not want to be stuck with an Outdated OS , would you ? If you want to, then join the Micromax bandwagon (OTA i.e. Over The Air updates are non-existent for Micromax currently. You buy their phone and forget about their support).
Usually an android phone has Bluetooth 3.0 , WiFi b/g/n, 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, micro usb slot (some stupid phones do not support usb data transfer over their micro USB slots - you should verify this).
Two things that hardly matter these days are FM radio and removable battery.

You need to understand that the lifespan of your new mobile will only be 1 year. You cannot expect it to be easily usable after a year. Infact you should consider it as an investment which is going to be valued NIL after a year. Hence make a buy decision accordingly.

The one phone which I consider the best in the previously mentioned purchase range is MOTO G (2nd Gen). It is priced at 10,999 INR currently and hence is somewhat costlier than the budget range. However it has no 4G connectivity. The second best phone however a risky buy is REDMI NOTE 4G , its currently valued at 7,999 and is quite a steal at its price range. It runs on KitKat, it might get a lolipop update soon. However REDMI phones have a certain associated risk of having below par performance. Such a risk exists with all phones however, it is the highest with phones manufactured by REDMI (Xiaomi). One other phone that has been making waves these days is the Honor 4X , I have not come across negative reviews against it, it is worth a check.

For any number of times if I have used the term Micromax in my blog then I am not only referring to Micromax but also to LAVA, iBall , intex, iberry etc etc. You will never find a more pathetic phone brand in the world than intex (my personal opinion). Micromax sits at the helm of non-branded phones while intex sits at the garbage level. Between the unbranded and branded classifications, lies a transition zone of semi-branded phones like Lenovo, Asus, Xolo. These brands have a strong corporation backing them and their market presence as phone is considerably low. Among the good brands stands Samsung at the helm, followed by Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG etc etc. (Good brand does not necessarily mean that the phone would be good)

If one wants to get the best camera picture quality then HTC phones provide quite a crispy camera photo quality. HTC has joined the sub 10K zone with its new recent launches in India and those have been some very interesting offerings. However their Service quality and penetration of market is still a bit low.

04 07 15 - 03:40:15


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Which Mobile phone to buy in between July 2015 and Sep 2015 : Recent Comments

- Pi-RAtE

Nice Brother a Good Informative Blog ! Now I Have Known Abt Micro max And Its Con !
Thank You Very Much Fr The Info bro ! Am Gonna Chose Moto G Third Generation bro My Android Which Am Using Currently Now is Karbonn A12 Plus and It is Outdated and Screen Broken Off !(faint) Hope fully I Will Buy Moto G Soon (happy)

03 08 15-22:40:09

- ZeRo

The only drawback in Honor 4X is that the user memory it is 3.7 GB only.

05 07 15-16:15:50

- ZeRo

Try out the Honor 4X its value for money. It is manufactured by Huawei and trust me Huawei phones are made very user friendly and are durable. It is priced at Rs.9999/- and is available only on fkart. If the budget is 10K. It is value for money.

05 07 15-16:13:35


I didnot found any bed results fromicromax n its picture qulity s good ..i already use samsung n nokia hang out many times common problems for all muy frnd who thow it in dustbin n bring other company phone . Definatly moto is good bit heavy in weight compar to same price other brands. Lenovo s good pption now a be alert in pursasing new phones (smile)

05 07 15-08:11:17


i knw micromax iz one of the worst phne i used it b4 .. widin 3 month it got damage ..idun knw  hw i cnt use one phne more then 6month ...(gr)

04 07 15-20:21:35

- SanDeep_Rocky

I want to buy nokia lumina series plz tell is it suggesable

04 07 15-19:31:52

- ForestDweller

A note to all those who say Micromax is produced in China.Not only the MMX but also the Samsung,apple or LG used to produce their electronic gadgets in China to cut the production Cost.Apple iPhone itself is primarily assembled in China.The reason is :- Labour cost aswell as the transportation cost is low;Availability of raw materials(it controls 30 percent of the rare earth material like semiconductor s).Well I agree that built quality of Micromax is not as effective as apple/Samsung but still it is a good phone if we use it carefully.It is obviously a long lasting one &company gives an warranty of 1year.We cant give guarantee about a mobilephone brand ,no matter it is samsung or motorola,there are still some worst models in all other phone brands.I have noticed some of my friends complain about Samsung&Nokia too. I trust Samsung but do not trust Nokia at all(now Microsoft)because of some bad experience.Nokia ruled for a prolonged time in the name of its brand(nothing new,in fact its ancient phones were good&strong lol)Different people have different use so someone who love Samsung/Sony may not put an interest to operate MMX.One of my friend bought Sony Xperia tippo spending 8k but after 1month it got crashed(software problem).Blaming some particular brands wdnt be a good idea.

04 07 15-16:08:31

- Oasis

Very Valuable information fo d 1 who want to buy a Good android mob with low cost... like me . Thanks for such detailed one . N yes Micromax sucks ;p

04 07 15-13:19:53

- Nav33d

U are right abt redmi its a good buy at this time and there r good offers in amazon as well if u wanna buy at a cheeper price. One of my friends was talking abt Redmi just yesterday and i see ur blog. Good info on phones

04 07 15-05:57:49


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