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In Between The Tears & The Fear by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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Tears can make something to make it clears.
Feeling want to come out the tears hide,
just to ease the heavy feels inside.

Here comes the fear will make you unclear...

...if it is fair to try to hide...
...If it is unfair to try to cry.

The Tears its not all about the absence of happiness.
Instead a replacement into positive side.

Wanna know why?

Simply because tears symbolize of ACCEPTANCE.
Once will have it,Chances will got it.
Chances and happiness its a matter of personal choice.
While fear symbolize DENIAL.
Is all about pretentions,Not Sure for any decisions.

Everything there^s advantages and disadvantages.
The Advance, if knowing weaknesses and not to be helpless,

Instead make it as strengths.
The disadvantage thinking out loud yet acting so blurred.
Everything should be balance and theres a limits.
Balance the tears and limit the fear.

03 08 15 - 11:26:41


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In Between The Tears & The Fear : Recent Comments

- Bushra

True and Nice to read it. Keep writing more

14 03 16-00:06:27

- swety

well said every hv its own deep meaning.keep it up (bingo)

05 09 15-22:09:17

- DiAnAmO_-

supa dupa rock (up)
nice words n true keep writtin

08 08 15-07:57:34

- swordfish

Simply superb keth...nice meaningful rhymes...written in very simple language but very interesting..keep it up dear..(thumbsup)

03 08 15-23:27:49


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