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I took my time to study you,everyday I see you grow with multiple and multitude of crowds.
you are always crowded with different people all over the world.
then this thought came to me,just as I was looking at you,I realized,that you belong to everyone,and in you I could see.
the broken hearted, some can no longer smile or laugh anymore,some are searching for true love,some are fed up being around you,you have both the singles and the married in you.
some are hanging inside of you like a bird,some re very happy because in you
they find love and happiness,and some hate you because you destroyed their love and life in you, but still they can not do without coming to you,to play,laugh,sing,dance and look
that is why you are called General room,the best accommodator is you.

07 08 15 - 08:12:13


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GENERAL ROOM : Recent Comments

- friendlyboy

Oh what a lovely personification of general room. Really never thought in such direction as you explained in ur blog. Simply awesome.

05 08 20-14:21:54

- LaLa

You forgot something to mention about the GenEraL rOoM....

13 05 19-03:52:45


thank you so so much imran(wink),that\'s your best room I know (smile)

28 09 15-16:08:42


thanks to you all,its just a simple thought I notice in general chat room (thanku)

12 08 15-17:30:10

- Helohelo

(thumbsup) interesting!!! Such a different whiff to read (gthink)

07 08 15-21:36:29


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