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Happy Independence Day? ... maybe not! by: creed

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Dear All,
Sorry to let you know, but we are not going to celebrate Indian Independence day. Even when majority of the people logging here might be from India, the said celebration of Independence really holds no value ... I shall explain further..
India received Independence from British Empire after serving it for almost two centuries. That Independence was hard fought and hard gained! Many people lost their lives, loved ones, money, property and some even dignity while fighting for being independent. On 15th of August 2015, India would enter its 69th year of Independence. Even with past 68 years of hardwork India is still left with multitude of problems ranging from basic sanitation to healthcare yet still we have an identity. An identity of being free. But are we really free with regard to Internet?
A week or so ago, we were thrust with a forced censorship. A censorship wherein some old baldie half-pant d*ck-head decided that watching porn was wrong. He possibly got such an ideology after having his d*ck castrated or maybe he had erect*le dysfunction. Eventually that porn ban was repelled by protests of vast anonymous Indians. Few months ago, TRAI asked our opinion regarding net-neutrality, however our own opinions were shoved right back in our a*s by our famed bureaucracy. With complete disregard to our privacy, they even publicly exposed our private email addresses. TRAI received mailers from empowered Indians to the tune of millions, however TRAI and DoT personnel decided to completely ignore aspirations of numerous Indians and have now decided to go ahead with their age-old plans to cripple Internet infrastructure in India. However all is not lost yet.. we can still voice our strong opinions against any potential issues by posting our Internet Independence aspiration on the opinion portal for India at . You simply need to register for a new account (it hardly takes 30 seconds) then visit and post your opinion there. You might want to copy-paste the following:
1. We do not want net neutrality defined by telecom companies.
2. We want everyone to access anything at any time without the interference of telecom companies and without paying separately for it.
3. We do not want licence system against any apps or services.
4. We do not want to pay extra for apps for using them, all access for all apps should be free.
5. We want real net neutrality, that is free for all.

This Independence day, instead of simply making an age-old rhetoric flag staute, I request you to post for true freedom. Your ancestors may have shed sweat and blood for your freedom today, but what you enjoy tomorrow will be a consequence of what you truly do today.

Finally ...Happy Independence day to you, if you have truly appreciated it.

14 08 15 - 10:13:07


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Happy Independence Day? ... maybe not! : Recent Comments

- Helohelo

Yes (gup) exactly!! Stands true what you are saying.. That is why I do not feel any different today from the rest of the normal days. What we do is what matters the most in the end and not just celebrations without any idea with the crowd

15 08 16-14:05:16


Happy Independence day to everyone from my side (jaihind) jaihind . This is the day we got independance on thiwe celebrate

30 03 16-15:11:31

- fantasyman

Any issue is nt biher than our independence day. So it cnt be allowed to ruin our feelings for ID. I personaly also in favour of net freedom n protests may continued for net neutarlity or any other issue but celebration must go on. Happy Independence Day..Jai Hind.

15 08 15-23:58:43

- azure

I think some times we forget to appreciate what we already have.
There are issues; I agree and there are ways to resolve it.
every country has a mechanism to resolve the issues. Have faith, some of these are only temporary
I think there is a mature way of dealing with things rather than name calling.
Happy Independence Day Friends

15 08 15-16:07:16

- kabiira

I would request creed to file petition against such illogical decison on behalf of us, since he has great amt of knwledge. . He can be our leader and all wil support him totaly. . .

15 08 15-15:36:39

- kabiira

Yeah ur point r gud and i am in favour of you. . .

15 08 15-15:29:14

- AtHLeTe

We always celebrate Independence day anywhere we may be in the world as an Indian, and I\'m happy they Banned n Blocked Porn coz india is a fuckin RAPE country so why the Fuck Not? An over populated Country full of sick retard and Nasty people so such measures should be taken like the Arab world porn links and many chat portals r BLOCKED for the saftey and better of their People Net should be used Wisely simple!!!! Jai Hind

15 08 15-07:56:13

- amEEnaa

As bro CReed say I m totally agree by him tht we are free now india is a free country which rules by indian only bt r u sure tht we are living in independance country are we free in india by every way yes in india many syt n app r paid bt here in south africa it free only india keeping eyes on your each n every msg on any app in short if we use any app in india mean you are nute indian cyber act reading your all msg on app bt here in south africa we r safe n bt india alway poke nose in many matter as we can\'t watch porn as bro creed say even in park we can\'t sleep on bf or gf lap even as bf n gf we can\'t hang out for date if husband n wife too go in hotel n police raid we hav to go police station yes prositution is ban in many country you can\'t pay for sex bt yes bf n gf can\'t do any thing goverment never ibterfier bt in india yoyoyo how we r free our life was better in time of british n kingdom time bt after freedom we live a hell life in south arfica n other western country indian r more safe then india in india police talk with you roudly n in usa uk south africa n many country police talk with u so nicely here I say to police over 25 time f.u thten too police say sorry mam we can make mosque temple church here. Bt in india yoyoyo as I looking we can do lot here bt in india wecant tht how we say we r free bt still we r free

15 08 15-00:58:52

- R0S3_B0QU3T

i dont know how other countries got independence but we suffered alot alot by sacrifising so much like life, properties, relations what not. but now we have to start another freedom fight which is for common mans minimum rights like health, sanitation, rights as per constituition what we created for us. independence day became only one day to celebrate but we need daily by solving our minimum needs

15 08 15-00:54:54

- ArYaNO_

thanks a lot bro(fclap).fr makng us realize dis real independance...totally agreed wid common net neutrality..damn.. now nt b lazy shit..gnna regstr(up)

15 08 15-00:19:18

- Arnikoo

mine english is nt good ... but still i got something .. .. and happy indepndence day ..:)

15 08 15-00:00:40

- Pi-RAtE

Yeah Bro ! I Really Agreed To This ! We Want Net Neutrality Common for All ! The Day Only When The Internet Is Being Independent & Free From Regulations For Everyone , It is The Real day Of Indepence to All The People for Celebration ! Well Said Before Independence day bro ! Am Registering to it :) We Can Still Be The Change !

14 08 15-23:41:26


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