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The BirthGiver by: ViHaN

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Today I thought of writing something... While I was thinking what should be my topic my mom called me. She asked me to get up from bed , get ready and come to pick her up. And then only I got my topic. My MOM!
Its been 23 years of our love. Ive had many girlfriends but they dint last for long. But theres this relation which I have with mom Its still running and will go forever. I trust her for everything. After my dad left us my mom took hold and what I m now today its all because of her. She laughs with me. She cries with me. She get angry. Our relation is more like of Best Buddies. She ve always taught me this one thing that **Always be free...But never misuse your freedom** . And she stood on this. She gave me every freedom. Freedom of wearing anything, eating anything, doing anything, studying anything. She got herself the most mordern she can get so that I wont feel ashamed of her. I Love You damn much! Thats all what I can say.
Thanks for reading guys! Always love your parents. Every single person can cheat you but your parents will never! (smile)

30 08 15 - 08:03:40


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The BirthGiver : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

Parents are great gift of Allah love th respect them :) nice blog

19 04 17-23:10:57


Wow awsome .. Realy so touchy .. My mum also same .. All mums grt (saludo)

08 01 16-00:58:22

- Oasis

From heart ....this blog came from heart ...n so touchy
Be always with ur mom

03 09 15-13:36:55

- jessY-Badgirl4u

(kittyhappy) very nice
u r such a loving person vihan
bless u n ur mum dr

01 09 15-00:14:55

- Nyx__

nice blog.. love it.. stay blessed.. both of you... ur mumma must be so proud to have you :) keep smiling (givinsmile) (rock-on)

31 08 15-10:05:08

- SaFirA

shes LuCkY mOm!
who has GOOD boy + son in her life! may GOD showers you and her with load bless and (love3)

31 08 15-08:27:08

- Calypso

Aw. This is such a sweet and nice dedication to a wonderful woman. She sounds like a lot of fun!! Stay blessed both of you. (pat)

30 08 15-20:33:40


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