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I deserved this ... by: SilenT_TearS

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Like stars in the sky
Like moon in night
Like clouds above
Like water in oceans
Like air around
Like heart beats
Like birds in morning
I need not mention ur name
Ur deep inside me .
I do things which u don^t like
U think about everybody but me ?
U ever asked me how I am Is there something wrong
There are so many things I want to sit and share with u
I dont care what world thinks until its not about u
I feel like I am lost
I sit in silence and ask myself what went wrong
Ur somebody for whom I can leave this whole world
Ur somebody I think every moment
Ur far away still I find u around me
Ur an angel for me.
Girl I love I care I miss and I respect
Wish I could turn back time and stop it when u were in my arms... when u gave me ur time
Ur love ur care everything
I miss u I miss u a lot . Ur not with me now still I luv u with all my heart.

01 09 15 - 12:19:26


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I deserved this ... : Recent Comments

- GrimmReaper12

For me its just like a song that dedicated 2someones she really exist?d girl that ur mention 2?or just an imaginary?...did u wrote it by ur heart?..honestly idont feel d sadness or longing on that note...just im observing it.

02 09 15-07:07:50

- Helohelo

feel like crying. Hmm y do u lov her so much? Pls lov ur gal more

01 09 15-21:33:33

- SilenT_TearS

ya i wrote it why ? Anything wrong boss

01 09 15-14:26:24


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