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Earning and Losing Plusses by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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...Plusses is just like a treasure for those a Rocker Nature...!
...Weherein exclusive in Rockchat Nation...!
...Able to achieved the pleasure...!
...You have to Work hard for treasure so called...

This will be a details for common Points to EARN and Reason Behind of LOSING plusses.

||Points To Earn Plusses||
Chatting via Chatroom - This will be one of a good source to increasing fast of a plusses.The key u have to , is ur good sense of humour to be with a group of people. More chat posting , More plusses increasing.
Note: LPM not counted as ur chatpost , so better not to use it if not private matter and able to earn plusses faster. Proceed to complete ur 100 BPM and claim it not exceed 24hrs. Coz it will automatically gone by the system and not digesting by staff into their own Account.
Sending via PM/Inbox - If u want private conversation , just click Send Inbox or Quick Msg on user profile . This will be a private conversation wherein earning plusses at the same time.
Creating Blogs And Topics - This will be ur time to show skills and creativity in nature of writting.Every user have the right to create and post blogs and topics as long a its relevant , informative and not abusive.
NOTE: Should have 100 forum posting able to create ur very first blog.
NOTE: The longer blog post u made , higher plusses u will earn
Participating Game Event[ - This part wherein u can really earn super plusses. Here are the enthusiastic and fantastic RC event such as:
NOTE: It takes 3-4weeks in each game event. If u want it , join any of them and play with determination and patience able to earn high plusses .
Playing RC Games
Smilies - Games - Downloads - This RC games , wherein u can earn plusses quickly.There will be a SINGLE and DUAL PLAYER. If u want to play alone then click SINGLE PLAYER. While if want to play with opponent just click DUAL PLAYER. If u have doubt to play there^s a tutorial specially for new user/player.It can be seen below of games category
For those cricket fever sensation just go to [room=cricket]CRICKET ROOM[/room] the more betting winning , the more plusses will be gaining.

||Losing/Deduction of plusses||
Any neglection committed. Such as
flooding chatroom (it depends upon the staff decision based from the level of mistake been done of a user.
uploading pic in improper folder 200 +ss will be deducted.
deleting blogs or topics. 100+ss for each blog and for the topic its by staff decision based from main reason of user been done.
Sharing Plusses Fee There is an automatic plusses sharing service fee.Good news it is only 1percent now.

NOTE: Oversmart people whom trying to cheat RC plusses , well u got extreme consequenCes

SPECIAL NOTE: If u got autotrash ur plusses will be flushed automatically by system. Just approach any staff to let them know about ur concern or directly approach any online owner will be much better.

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Earning and Losing Plusses : Recent Comments

- creed

This blog is one really fine piece of guidance. Great work Mae! Hope all users can now easily understand stuff related earning and losing plusses.

16 10 15-21:20:57


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