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When everythings gone . .How I live of this life by: SilenT_TearS

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Yes thinking about our time makes me smile.
Remembering u makes my day
But is it of some use ??
Do u ever remember me for a sec ?
Was I always a waste for u.
Thinking and thinking
May be I am not ur type :) may be not worth u
I too wanted to be loved by u.
Too thought about u remembring me talking to me.
But everything is gone ,
I am nt in ur list of people who come in ur thoughts.
Its not gonna work never tired of everything now.
I wish I could lay down and sleep sleep and never wake up.
I wish like u , I too could just move on.
I have no hard feeling for u.
Nothing bad about u.
But truly saying I do miSS u a lot I wish I could just (bhu)
I am not in ur life anywhere anymore.
How long I am with u here God knows.
I wish Almighty grants u all da wishes and dreams to be true.
And if i survive will meet u one day in real ..
Will luv u till eternity .....

25 10 15 - 08:13:46


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When everythings gone . .How I live of this life : Recent Comments

- allysa

Lucky is the girl u loved like this.

25 11 15-19:11:33

- SilenT_TearS

no i just cant forget her or leave her alone . Den wat if she doesnt i cant be too like dat na . I luv her a lot and u wont believe but time will tell was luv till eternity or like dat

24 11 15-06:55:43

- furstin

Wow..whoever u are, I hope u find happiness as they should. Believe in sincerity will be reciprocated with sincerity as well. Do not give up, keep the spirit!

26 10 15-17:17:39


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