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A sMall BEautiFul WisH by: MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

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(wavin-hi)freinds i am here again with a small And beautiful blog about enjoying the nature and its silence . Hope u all LikE It
A Place vEry Far With no Population Very Quiet And withOut Any PolutIOn , Full Of Greenary Hmmmm i Knw its A dream bcoz now a days we dnt find such place. There is no place where there is less population even the burrial grounds are being changed to multi storied appartments (sady)
Lets Come back to mY wish hmmmm in such a place with full of flowers in garden non lasting with full of nice aroma (aaah) in The middle of the garden there should be a small open hut with all windsangs hanging at its edges . (love) . A sofaset black in colour in the hut . I wish i could make a place like this for myself . I would sit on the chair relax with cool breeze touching my face , with a refreshing aroma of the rose flowers and with the sweet music of the windsangs when wind touches them which would relax my mind and remove all my stress . I would sir there every evening and see the sun set and see the early morning sun rise . This is a dream and it will remain a dream as such place is imposible to find in this busy busy world (sob)

24 11 15 - 05:21:43


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my special wish around the world.. only peace of mind by romantic hugs

22 02 17-20:00:59

- allysa

My wish I wish that some day i will find the man that will respect me and love me honestly no flirting to others just me now wondering if that man still exist to this day.

25 11 15-19:15:10

- musa1

Whaooo beautiful well comprehensive compose and articulated blog yet motivating and inspiring tales of a wonderful nature and simplicity! Oh u really love nature!nature is a friend of quietnes not noisy that why d sun and d moon also move without noise

25 11 15-14:25:19

- MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

hahah thanks dnt wurry if i get that place i will take u with me (pat)

25 11 15-11:30:10

- Zoshie

So cute wish...i love this, peace and quiet. Really a stress-reliever from such busy world.

25 11 15-11:05:45


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