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The sad truth about being a human by: creed

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When Paris got attacked, approximately 200 people died. Terrorism of such a form was truly bad and never should have been hailed or rejoiced upon. However today, as and when I am writing this blog, millions of people in Chennai are stranded, hungry, depressed, insecure and finally dying. I am not saying that the tragedy in Paris was a lesser significant one, in some way both these tragedies are same. One happened because of flawed beliefs while the other happened because of mans greed. If the penalty for those who attacked Paris is death and a war against an entire system why is not the same penalty implied in case of Chennai. After this tragedy ends, many people would have to run from pillar to post to get their due insurance claims. Lot many families will cry for the loss of their loved ones. Many families will earnestly await for disbursal of calamity relief from the government. But those city planning people, those politicians whose erroneous judgement led to such a debacle will simply enjoy a care free life. This is simply not done. Why is one life more precious than other ? Equating 200 lives with millions, does it make sense? This is the saddest truth of being a human! In poverty, in backwardness we endure!

02 12 15 - 11:20:01


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- AthenA

Everythin in Paris attack was just a false flag!.. But you see, how France responded? And gained support from people?.. So, it\'s so clear that it depends to nation\'s government. If India government is patriotic, I think what happened in your nation will be too responded.

03 12 15-06:42:07


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