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(OMD)Oh My Diary by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)Not at all appreciating(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)
(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)writting for some is time wasting(bullet2)(bullet2)!
(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)I^m just a piece of paper(bullet4)(bullet4)!
(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)You can write any thing that u can\'t speak(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)
(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)feelings that you dont want to leak(bullet2)(bullet2)!
(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)Oh My (diary) moment about trouble(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)
(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)undesirable feelings , paper will be crumpled(bullet4)(bullet4)!

(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)Oh My (diary) writting being inlove(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)
(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)can\'t stop expressing about love(bullet2)(bullet2)!
(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)Oh My (diary) moment of sorrowful(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)
(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)can^t write words colorful(bullet4)(bullet4)!

(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)Oh My (diary) happiest moment(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)
(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)expressing being flattered to the deepest(bullet2)(bullet2)!

(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)For just simply writting(bullet4)(bullet4)!
(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)Unknowingly we react with feelings(bullet4)(bullet4)!
(bullet4)(bullet4)(bullet4)According to words of meaning(bullet4)(bullet4)!

(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)Slip out of mouth say(bullet2)(bullet2)(bullet2)
Oh My Diary!!!(diary)

18 12 15 - 10:31:52


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(OMD)Oh My Diary : Recent Comments

- Oasis

Writing diary is very tempting.Its required guts to spill every truth on page. Nice blog Sis(hug)

21 12 15-11:29:26

- greg

Taylor swift thats great talent of you,
but.. (thinkino) diary.. I will need a new diary
well thanks for reminding me:)

19 12 15-02:09:59

- Bushra

My diary is my best friend. I have written so many diaries and enclosed all my memories of life in that:)

18 12 15-23:39:19

- ArYaNO_

nyc blog. (thumbsup)luv d wrds ya used..whaataa diary(up)keep writng kitty.

18 12 15-12:47:40

+ MortalMan

You got really an expressive diary. Now I want to buy this diary of your :0 Nice blog! Very well written

18 12 15-11:02:08


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