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Who really cares about you? by: creed

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In this Dog eat Dog world ... Who really cares for you? They say ... Blood is thicker than anything but at times you find your own blood relatives doing something hurtful. Some say ...Friendship is the most noble virtue then why do friends disappear or hurt you behind your back? Today ... You can never fully trust anybody , not even your own kids (else why would there be old age homes?) ... But without a certain amount of trust would this world even continue to work? Trust is a risky investment and its output i.e. care for you is something even more unreliable. So who really cares for you? For sure your parents do care somewhat for you. They would always be there for you no matter how much this world shuns you. You might have some qualms against them at times but they are your Best support. To distance yourself from them is like pushing yourself to a higher risk of loneliness. Your wife and your kids come secondary. They will be there for you as you were there for them in their hours of pain. But not all stories have a happy end. Your neighbours would always be interested in your internal affairs and at times they may extend some support to you especially during the time of grieving. Your friends would be by your side as you have been by their side. But they will not always be there for you. This so called human society will hardly be bothered with your affairs as long as it does not produce a stigma. The only person who cares about you is your own self. Love yourself, no matter how much low you fall, always love yourself. You are the best for yourself. If you belittle your own self , then you are hurting yourself. Never sacrifice yourself for others, it is worthless. Your suffering will not keep them happy for long. Even if you give away your life for something, you will only be remembered momentarily. Those memories will not bring relief to those who get affected by your demise. Be selfish and love yourself as yourself are the one who cares the most about you.

11 01 16 - 04:58:54


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Who really cares about you? : Recent Comments

- lostmoon

So its time to be selfish..let me put myself first and be selfish...

30 09 17-16:03:04


If you dont love yourself you will not able to give love/care to any one..if you didt respect your self you will not repest any one..these line are not only line.. These line are summary of life in few words. Dragon your right..emotional attacment in relations are allready replace by money/luxury directly or indirectly..

26 09 16-22:17:45

- SoccerGirl10

Great job! :) yea I agree we have to love ourselves first so we can love someone else :) but yea (okay)

03 08 16-03:32:02

- Bushra

Being my life, personally, the above blog is an exception. :) ihave got good neighbours, i have the best friends, i have even ssacrificed myself for others more than myself, i think living for others is what really cares for u in the end.. there remains nothing as YOU in the end, if its only YOU always:) Its a one man feeling.I have seen people, i have friends they were people who had nothing, but needed nothing either.. But what made iimportant to them (and for me) was the fact that we were out there for each other,even one of our ffriend is disable, cant hear/see/speak completely, everytime he touches n senses me, it brings joy to him (and me) :) We dont get anything, or we are not loved is really a problem or shutting the doors of what is called Kindness..:)

15 01 16-08:13:53


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