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What is corruption? Is it the effect of a spineless policy or the dishonest politicians?We often avoid these things to discuss because we have no time to think for our nation and we just end up ourselves being satirist.If we consider politics itself as a corruption then definitely we are not analysing things properly to reach a conclusion.Technically,the more economic stability a country has,the more likely it heads off the subversive activities.If we compare developed countries with developing countries then we will probably get the answer of a question \"Why do our politicians get themselves corrupted?\".the answer would be, we are not economically stable like a developed country.A MP of Singapore gets nearly 1.1 million dollars as monthly salary where as a MP of India gets 15000 dollars per month.You can see that big difference which displays the importance of being economically stable in the first place.I don\'t back up the politicians blindly by saying this.I am just trying to rake up the main issue that often get distracted by either a paid media or the frustrated opposition.It is high time that India should build its economy by any means.To convert it onto reality,our government requires the improvement of industrial infrastructures to a greater extent as well as the support of opposition to implement land acquisition bill(rehabilitation & compensation to those who lose their land),GST bill etc.A broader platform of various industries would demand more workforce that indicates the job opportuniy.It is so sad that only 2 percent people out of total population are skilled in India whereas in a developed country, the skilled people are above 40 percent.To make India become skilled as well as affluent,we need to agnise where exactly the problems lie in irrespective of what opposition tries to convince us.Corruption is nothing but an ineffective governance of a party that fails to rout out the faults.If we take the current situation of our country into consideration, it is moving gradually towards amendment as per the recent reports.Thank you

24 01 16 - 12:29:52


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- Mirage

Your all points are very true.. I just want to say one thing more... That a human can not be borned as corrupted or as politician or both as a corrupted politician... That means not only the policy of governance or the system of society is responsible to make a person grown up as corrupted.. But the root I guess is into the raising of a child... Even in a normal non political family a child listens about the discussion of having benefit of bribing or how to increase the amount of illegal commission from their own parents who belongs to the common public of the society...
So nothing could be changed until it will be changed from the root... First every common man need to be stay strong by themselves against corruption... only then they will be able to bring changes into others too..

07 11 17-22:57:38

- Helohelo

I still do not know why do we still vote like puppets to make a puppet win and run our lives. It is not just politics but unreal worthless ethics that have been forged into us since childhood and brainwashed ever since to regard it all as reality.

19 04 17-18:22:30

- MuzdalifaH

Nice blog i think we should forst see in our collar then rise finger on other if a person strongly act and change his self and correct his/her own self so no to CORRUPTION then we will surly get victory on this moral disease what i strongly believe

10 03 17-22:06:42

- Resilient

Government is often connected to the corruption. To have a higher standard of living, the action should start in our own self. Never stop improving skills and share the knowledge to others.

07 08 16-19:09:43


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