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Mother Nature by: TechnO-tAndaV

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Nature has the Divine sublime]
Destroying them is unfair]
Mother Nature can be cruel at times]
It dosent mEan that she dOnt care]
Nobody cAn tAme this Mother nAture
Against Nature wE are not supposed to do the crimes]
They preserve this Earth\'s Creature]
FrOm the beginning of time]
If u be friendly with Nature Heaven is right here on this earth]
But then If u Provoke mOther nature ]
You gotta run fOr ur life and face the dire consequences ]
even the Breeze that rhymEs]
Can turn into hurricane]
Seas n River that flows silently ]
Can turn to violently ]
Dark clouds will cry Over you and make you floats on the flood]
With a little shake on the earth plate]
It Can take yOu tO Hell/Heaven\'s Gate]
Don\'t try to conquer the flow of divine nature or else you need to wrestle with it]
If it seems hostile at times,tolerate it NATURE IS WHAT IT IS]

25 01 16 - 12:17:34


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