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From wOmb to Puberty by: TechnO-tAndaV

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We Never Knew How Naughty wE were in thE wOmb
And We Blossomed like a Boom
There were times when Feeding Bottle Silenced our cry
And tO make us sleep Moma sings a Lullaby
We developed a Habit of Sucking a thuMb
Sticky Yellowish Poop On the buM
There were times when we used tO pee on Our Own Pants
And Needed sOmebody To change Our wet diapers
We rolled on our knees
Playing with tOys of Baby talk
With Stumbling tongue n feet
We learned to walk n talk
We cried saying let me go home from school at very first day
Stopped Crying knowing there Is no other way
Sticky finger of glue
With crayons we coloured the sky blue
We learned ABC & 1 to 10
Grown little matured from pencil to pen
Played hide n seek with friends
Dirty grass n stained knees
Hurled stones at the nest of honeybees
Craze of favourite cartoon show
Learned how to make whistle blow
As hormones changes we act little flirty
Matured to adult when attained Puberty

26 01 16 - 09:26:37


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From wOmb to Puberty : Recent Comments

- TechnO-tAndaV

Ask ur mom she will tell ur history:p

05 07 17-22:02:02

- Gaia_Demonwitch

Great lines
Reminding me of childhood.
Btw I don\'t remember the sticky yello *** part
Maybe mom does

02 07 17-20:10:18

- TechnO-tAndaV

Lol the you must be scared of stingy bees...:p btw tankz for d cOmmenta

28 01 16-07:33:08

- Oasis

I liked this one....but I hd never thrown any stone at honeybees nest ;p
n I liked this line...Grown little matured from pencil to pen....(good)

27 01 16-23:55:39


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