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I was rude again by: CivilAnneGineer

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Joking is not necessary on chatting. They might not get you. Use emoticons. It helps...
Nikka, why are your jokes not so funny at all.?! Quit it okay?
Faults are being made on a game. We should know the rules so we can avoid breaking it. But most of the time, even if you know the rules you always manage to break it.
Not everyone will understand what you are really up to instead yourself. Help yourself to be better.
Do not joke around. It wont help.
Kill yourself. Okay, stop kidding as I have said. Spread love and not war.
It is love month after all. God bless!

02 02 16 - 12:01:59


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I was rude again : Recent Comments

- hungry_birdie

Ya i agree to both of u,.

21 02 16-18:46:28

- Calypso

Who said this is the month of LOVE only? Any month is love month. Spread laughter instead of love and keep on making mistakes and jokes. It will bring the definition of who you are. Dont be conscious because of others! (wink)

04 02 16-23:21:19


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