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Diwaar e Meherbaani: Wall of Kindness by: Bushra

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Hello, Salam:)
its not a poetry as such, Just a prose..
I dont know whats the origin of the the Wall of Kindness, but i heard it started in Iran first..
Today i saw some students in Peshawar, On a road coloring other walls...
While i saw others Hanging coats, threads, sweaters even mufflers and blankets.. to these walls.. :)
Such are called the Walls of the Kindness..
Anything that is out of ur use, not needed, or spared, You donate it by hanging them to the wall..:)
So great to see this..
in my own Country Pakistan..
The country and the people who are the most misunderstood..
We are a merciful land..
and Thats true..
KP is changing, and the change is back within the hands of the future generations of Pakistan.
its our country, Our Homeland, Our Mother, Our Shelter, Its people are our people..
Its Places are our places..
We are friends, We are Mothers n Sisters..
We are brothers... Brothers-in-faith :)
Salute you Pakistan:)
You are such a Wondful Nation, and Soil..
The Picture will be here Soon. Click Here
Glory to Allah!
Allah Hafiz..:)

04 02 16 - 08:11:26


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Diwaar e Meherbaani: Wall of Kindness : Recent Comments

- Crepe

This is great. Spread your ideas more because I am reading,my friend. (thumbsup)

05 04 17-06:40:04

- MuzdalifaH

Yeah iys also now staryed in many other countries love you Pakistan and I\'m happy that we have such prople like you to represent Pakistanis on such forms thankd to you as well keep it up (tup)

09 01 17-09:14:57

- Calypso

Pakistan is a beautiful places with beautiful people and beautiful land. Yes, it is often misunderstood with everything happening there, but only those who look past the damages will be able to see it. I have some Pakistani friends and they are all lovely. Always look forward to the Pakoras when they have parties. (hehe) Beautiful poem!!

04 02 16-23:16:26

- snow.white

Mashallah :)
Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhay Kadam Kadam Abaad
Luv u Pakistan.

04 02 16-09:18:35


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