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Tired, Im Tired, Im So Tired by: CivilAnneGineer

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I have had enough. I feel like quitting. I wanna stop breathing. I wanna stop being hurt. I wanna stop being me. Im about to give up.
But what are You saying to me? You always say that I should have stronger faith to You. You are giving me problems that I can not handle properly. I am giving up but You never allow me. You always say I need to be strong, I need to hold on.
I dont know with whom do I talk to. To my real friends? I cant tell them my problems. Im writing all this to share what I am going through right now. Im not seeking for attention. But I just wanted you to know that after all of these problems I am still holding on for I got my Lord. I feel like quitting but Im still with Him.
Nikka, everything will be okay. Trust me wholeheartedly.

09 02 16 - 07:19:24


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Tired, Im Tired, Im So Tired : Recent Comments

- shiloh

Be brave,Be strong,hold on to your faith,The Lord is in control,, and please do rememberonly losers qoit,,, You came this far,u surely must be a winner!!

31 03 19-16:19:36

- hungry_birdie

Evrything He does always has a reason..

21 02 16-18:48:04

- creed

Try to tackle one problem at a time. If you cannot solve it, then disconnect with the problem. Your depression stems from confluence of different issues, eventually blaming fate for it. It is true that at times fate can be a bully and even drown your efforts, but we need to keep up our spirits,we need to carve a happy road for ourselves.

10 02 16-16:55:10


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