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Hmmmm DnT ExAcTLy KNw What To NAme This BlOG U CaN SuggEst by: MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

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(wavin-hi) FrnDs Ur SaRaH IS HErE YEt With ANOther BloG . As U All Knw I AlwayS WrITe ABoUt SomeTHiNGS Which I PErSonallY Feel Or ExPEriEnCe , So AgaiN I Am To Share It Here. Some DayS BAck I Was StanDinG IN My BAlcoNy And HAviNg My (tea) I was Seeing HEre And There enjoYinG THe NAtuRE i saw The PuPies in The NEarBy Open LAwn . It was A Open LAwn No ONE Stays THEre A (doggy) gave Birth there and 4 pupies came to existence There .I USe To feed Them wItH The LEft Over Food. ComInG BAck To My POiNt as I was Having My (tea) i saw a Small pegion Sitting On The GrouND aNd 3 PuPies SurrouNDing It BarKinG loudly . I was (bigeye) to see it. I ThoUghT to Go There BuT i Was ON 3 Floor THe TyM i woUld Reach AnytHInG couLD HAppen I tried To Call Out To SomeoNe. PooR BiRd Was So HElpLEss It was Just standiNg There Seems As if It Could Nt FlY OR It was ILL OR HUrt . SudenLy The fouRtH puppY came And CoughT The Bird In ITs MOUTh And RAn INto THE trEEs. I Felt So BAd (upset).I DeciDed THAt I Will Not Feed AnytHInG to Those sTuPid PupiEs Again (angry).
I was (gthinking) AboUt THat INcIdenT Only FoR SomeTYm Then I FelT wE Too Do THE Same THiNG . Ya U Got ME RigHt We Too Do The Same Dnt we, We To Eat Chicken Mutton Fish etc etc etc. Hmmmm As We Are CiviLIZed HUmAns We Go To sHOp Buy Cook And Then Eat as they Are AniMAls THey CAtch THE preY And Eat.ALLAH TALA made These AnImAls With A PUrPOSe To FulFill Our Needs.ItS a NAturaL Tendency And EveryONE Even Got To MAinTAin THE Ecological BalancE RiGht.
SOME TYmes Some OF THE PEopLE HEre ASk ME Dnt U Feel BAd To Eat Chicken MuTTon hw can u Eat SucH ThINGs i Just RepLy THEm With A Smile BUt Now I waNA Answer THem HEre. HMMm what Is VEgeterIAn Food ITS PlanTS anD planT PRoDucts RigHt BUt PlanTS are Also LiVing THiNGs we Are EatiNg THEm MEans We Are KilliNG THEm Arent We (lol). ThIS IS Also WroNG Then . And What About Milk Ghee Butter . MilK PRoductS MAde Frm MILK which IS OBtained FroM ANimALS . If we Stop eating We CAnt Exist (hehe). I Just Wana say With My BLOg THat JUst (chill) eat What U Like To And Enjoy (pat).(wavin-bye)

10 02 16 - 05:15:27


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Hmmmm DnT ExAcTLy KNw What To NAme This BlOG U CaN SuggEst : Recent Comments

- Mirage

You are right!
If someone said that being vegetarian means being non violent, then they are totally wrong... Because plants also have a life and vegetarians do kill those plants and taking their life to fulfill the hunger..
So there is no point of being proud as non violent by being vegetarian.. (smile)

09 04 18-13:11:20

- InfinitE_

Hey its interesting blog..i wanna say its nature nd here the example u gave or incident..part of the transformation of energy..nd survival of the nothing wrong in that its nature..

12 03 16-20:29:32

- one1

Nice blog nature teaches us a lot everyday u experience the rules of nature

10 02 16-17:31:16


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