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The love Reunion. by: theGod

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Task#10 For Maggie
She is like the ocean
Vast,deep and full of life.
At times she is a raging hurricane
But with the most beautiful eye.
She is chaos and mystery,
Death and life,
All concurrently.
She is like the ocean-And I drown in her.
That day when you opened up,
I was the one getting punished.
Such a coward I was-
Only later I realised-
There was only elegance in your flaws,
And love deep down your soul.
Your demons drive an interest in me,
And I crave for more of you.
I want to soothe your past with my passionate words,
I want to taste your lips with all its salty wounds,
And explore you deeper and run through your arteries,
And watch the stars in your eyes.
I want to embrace you with my verses
And dance for you with my love letters,
Coz, forever I believed that together we rhyme,
Like every single line of the poems you write.
You are the ocean,
And Im the beach,
Waiting for your waves to grace my shores once again.
Let us meet and make a journey out of our scars,
Let us love again with a scorching fire,
And vaporize off this pain and struggle.
Let us smile together on our follies.
Let us, once again and forever, hold our hands
And our strangeness unite(heart).

01 03 16 - 02:07:30


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The love Reunion. : Recent Comments

- Nebula

No wonder why we won the title.. Such a beautiful poem.

03 12 16-05:40:51

- Nebula

awesome thank you for writing this poem .

26 03 16-15:16:06

- Pi-RAtE

Thegod ;p Such an Emotional Lines to read, Simply Poured all your tears of Ocean.. you are Much dedicated bro (pat) Many Many Congratulations for the Win at VC7 :)

01 03 16-21:46:10


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