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Why did I find myself smiling? by: CivilAnneGineer

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As I was reviewing my notes, I felt sooooooo down and so depressed.
I browsed the internet. Opened one of the bookmarked pages here, Rockchat. There were messages. After reading those, I\'ve decided to look for notifications. And woah. :D The blog comments made me smile for unknown reasons. I really felt happiness for I have known that I look really, as in really really crazy to others. lol. They said that I should be myself. Hello to all of you mga Ate (sister) (wavin-hi) Thanks for making me smile right now. :) Its a really good and it\'s not a bad thing. Well that\'s the opposite of good XD
Just came to say thanks and God bless!
I should pass my exam. I gotta review! (studious)

16 03 16 - 01:54:23


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+ crazytipz01

Wapworld can make u smile!(hehe) goodluck for the exams!!!(hug)

20 03 16-05:04:47


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