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How to dump a girl - various ways! by: creed

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First lift her, then dump her on a bed (else she will accuse you of manhandling and assault)
Take her near the edge of swimming pool (make sure that she knows how to swim) then throw a cockroach at her.
Place a banana skin on her walking path, as soon as she steps on it and looses her balance - hold her well , then lower her and make her fall on her bum.
Blindfold her, and tell her that it is gonna be a surprise and then make her fall on the sofa.
Send her as a participant to Takeshi Castle - they will dump her enough number of times.
Dumping can mean To put or throw down with more or less of violence; if you thought that I was gonna write about getting rid of girls, sorry you simply misinterpreted this. As for the above listed methodologies, please consider safety aspect while performing those actions. You might end up being beaten black and blue.

22 03 16 - 02:28:26


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How to dump a girl - various ways! : Recent Comments


(hehe) oh wow,what A Peaceful way Of Dumping,and to Crown It All,the Dumping Ended at the Takeshi castle,so Sweet I Love This,

14 09 20-12:31:14

- SweTa_kiLLer

(hahaha0)Lol cant stop laughing after reading angry after seeing the title..but ended up with funny comments after reading its content!(roflol)

16 03 17-10:25:42

- Mirage


12 03 17-11:38:38

- Tazzy_The_Devil

Haha very good Mr Dragon especially the Takeshi Castle option (up)

08 08 16-23:16:02

- SoccerGirl10

Haha thx for the laugh! It was really good tbh! I mean I enjoyed it and wow (hehe) thx!

01 08 16-03:46:57

- Calypso

Hahaha. Funny. Oh! I thought it was about how to dump/get rid of a girl! I was getting ready to attack you, but you proved us wrong. My bad! *sheepish look*

22 03 16-13:25:53

- Nyx__

Man i came here to punch the daylights of whoever wrote this.. (haha2) bUt ended up laughing my ass off (lotpot)

22 03 16-12:31:59

+ crazytipz01

Very idealistic(hehe) dumping with care!(love) brilliant mind tanzi(haha)..

22 03 16-11:49:21


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