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Reminiscence - An ode to those who left because of me by: creed

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Perfection was everything, but it was never me;
I too had my disappointments, just like thee;
I could not be always showy, a smile or glee;
Chained by my ego shackles, I thought had no key;
Maybe I was a lost cause, maybe it was not me;
A hundred reasons of ineptness, from blames I flee;
This kingdom of thoughts, not built just by three;
Selfishness and arrogance, still had their spree;
Today when I look back, hurtful-self I see;
I lost a many friends here, in a chaotic melee;
For some hurt me so much, indeed were beastly;
And some made me price emotions, in terms of rupee;
You may think of my esteem, to the depths of sea;
But my heart bleeds a red color, but you cannot see;
This prostrated dominance, and hollow supremacy;
You shall someday understand, those torrents undersea;
I pray you be happy, with no problems but carefree;
I also wish forgiving, for losing you in reality;
This is an ode to those dozen people, or hundreds maybe;
An ode to those who left, because of me.

28 03 16 - 01:37:40


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Reminiscence - An ode to those who left because of me : Recent Comments

- Mirage

Seems like a cry was suppressed deep down underneath somewhere which suddenly came out with a screaming emotion in this blog!!
In our life many times we have to do things which we really didn\'t want to do... But still we have to be tough at times...
But that does not mean that we don\'t care about all those harsh things we did...
Only that matter is how we accept our own actions and don\'t hesitate to admit that when time comes....
Thus we could clear the burden on our conscience and emotions...
And this should be appreciated as a true confession of inner soul ....

16 11 17-02:15:41

- Crepe

oh! Accidentally hit add comment button. I tired of deleting the previous post. But hey! I really want to say is, you are really human after all. I happened to think you are a God or something like Lily. Well, Im gonna stop now while I can still stop blabbering. (vee)

24 08 17-06:35:27

- Crepe

Flabbergasted to know who this Creed is. (amazed) I was supposed to write, you seems like Fatso and then I boom-it\'s really

24 08 17-06:30:36

- Resilient

A great blog, heartfelt and wonderfully written.

07 08 16-18:38:40

- TwinklinG_StaR

This is life, Things ll happen :( Never think about the past it brings tears... Live this Moment with a Smile it brings Cheers (smile)

07 04 16-09:06:08

+ crazytipz01

Jeezzz tanzi(cry) its full of pain n sorrow..but dont things work together for good...and what u lose..surely be restored...:)..stil strive on living on d possitive way..past brings us lessons to learn..and at the end of the day..stil we get victorious!!
Beautiful blog..its all well said ur innermost hurts..expressive pain..(cry) its tragically written..

29 03 16-00:28:38

- Pi-RAtE

Ahh bro The Poem is a Touch in Soul ! I can understand how hard the feelings are. i wish surely the persons whom u desire will come back and Cherish you ! Dont Worry bro Something is better to come yet in life , be happy :)

28 03 16-23:42:04


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