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All it started frm ur bday.. You came as a frnd in my life and now i realize my life is nothing without u.. I was reason less before, then u met me, you gave life of my dreams, you made a part of your existence.. Sometimes i ask myself m i good enough for u? but after meeting u i know this much that i became better person..i wanted to stay aloof from all these things..But this heart didn^t give any attention..It dragged me towards you.. I have started living more then before dying more then before for u.. My heart search for u when it is lonely.. Just want to be in your arms for all the night for all the mornings.. I wish those moments stops there.. There is a love in the night and in every breath you say.. Now this distance tells us to end this distance.. I have no wish no desire.. All is i need you.. If our heart is true, Even if there are infinity of hurdles, The destiny will bow to the feet.. May our togetherness not break at any turn.. May your embrace never escape from my hands.. Not even in my dreams.. May no one rob the happiness of my love. Love you..(hearts)

03 04 16 - 11:39:41


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- swapn

Ha yahi pyar hai...Ha ha ha yhi pyar hai

02 04 21-10:23:05

- Resilient

Soft spoken words of love :) Sweet blog!

30 10 16-11:05:33


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