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Ever dreamt of an alternate world where you have control of everything happening around you?
    .....Have you ever thought about a world where you have access to everything you wanted, the way you wanted, with the people you wanted?
This is (natasha)from Rockchat! presenting introducation 0f (rockchat1)
      you probably would be wondering what R0cKCHAt is... another chat site perhaps??
If you thought so... We wud make you think again!!
  Unconventional to a chat site you ve knownbefore, I welcome you to an alternate universe like none other
Owned by Creed, created for minds completely freed by the shackles of this world
Come on in and join in on all the fun that this world has to offer. Leave the boredom to the ones less fortunate, for once you re here you re already a rockstar
       Go global with the vast array of people from various ethnicities joining hands and getting to know one another... make friends, love a little more and put in your bit for world peace[i][i] streching from the far east to the wild west, the coldest to the hottest place on earth people throng to this place for the kind of entertainment and bond it carries
Chat wd theworld,Blog a little, quiz your twits, and challenge your friends.. Hang em up with Hangman, tip them over with Tic Tac Toe, we havent let the Cricket lovers out, put on your pads and hit boredom outta the park till the ball can never be found
If you thought thats all..think again
Create your
own]Blogsand share your views and
thoughs with the world of RC... the mostexpressive platform to bring out the blogger in you
 Get democratic and cast your votes, support your favourite blogs and events and be part of neglectors (if you will) (hehe)
Wanna share a joke with someone, we have tons of it added by the minute explore like you ve never expolred before in a place that lets you be the kings and queens of a world you ve created
Tease your friends with selfies and album uploads to your hearts content. Wanna keep them secret and share them with only people you want to give access, we got that covered too. Get on
photobox and upload your ptivate albums giving access to only those special few
Crushing on someone? Want to tell them how beautiful they are in private? everyone is equipped with the access to private messages, message that special someone at the comfort of only you two. They sure know how to get people close
 Feeling funny and wanna make a mistake?Head to the Marriage portaland get hitched, show the world what they mean to you, make them your better half
Stand apart and kep feelin creative, use the wide array ofSmileys at your disposal, express yourself more with emoticons, kiss somone, kill someone, hug em and rofl via emoticons. Wanna get more creative use the help and find your self a Tuzki emoticon to add that extra somethin in yo messages to make you stand vividly apart
^ Get funky with the Use of BB codes... colour your text and let them facinate on a whole new level chatting wil never be the same as before
  Get competitive and stick your name on the leaderboard... strive to hit the top and stay there and get rewarded. Think you can handle it?
Never get bullied ever again. The MODs ADMINS and OWNERS with the supportive Staff of RC ensure you have a safe, clean and decent chat all round the year, constantly at your aid to help you navigate your way around tricky situations and kick the trouble makers outta sight never to come back again.
Whats more, no Bots and No adverts. When they promise a clean and effective chat sight, there is no two ways about it. Enjoy the witty and entertaining games organised by the staff folks to keep you fighting for time in a day to enjoy the world of RC
Be it for couples or energetic individuals, everyone gets a fair chance of plentifully fun around here.
Experience the never ending, brain racking Events thrown by (livewire),, ,, (maxpayne)and.. (lily_scene) these folks will sure get your bains twisted and challenge ur intellect in the toughest of way\'ve made amazing Friendsout here, taking full advantage of what this place has to offer. Leaving RC has never even crossed my mind... Cuz its become a part of my everyday life
Feeling lazy to Register? Log in as a guest into our Chat rooms.. there is a room for every mind out there,even one for your own to create. Upload your likes and dislikes, your music and movies and sign Guest books, flaunt em to show people what others think about you
Unravel the ease to operate RC on any platform,mobiles, tabs and PCs alike
Rest assured once you join in on the fun. There is no going back to the boredom\'s gun
Cheers! Lets rock!!!

06 04 16 - 11:23:04


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R0cKcHAt : Recent Comments

- RockI

Hmmm welldone good job bit long to read

30 08 17-01:47:46


(omg) Natz nice introduction but how can u manage to write an essay :p (hugs)

06 07 16-11:38:48

- SnigDhA_

nattu you r vey good at essay writing:p....btw nice intro pinga (smile)

11 04 16-18:26:18

- TwinklinG_StaR

Vry nicely written... Liked it vry much.. Rockchat RoCksss (smile)

07 04 16-08:53:47

- SimRan_

wow nice introduction Of rockchat ..Natasha sis. (claps)

06 04 16-12:45:19


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