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A Message from Father to Daughter by: Castle

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Dear UNEE,
My life changed when I saw you for the first time, you were so small and cute,
I still remember how you tried to grab my finger with your small tiny hands and looking at me with a beautiful smile.
You got big eyes just like your mother.
I remember how you grow big and strong facing all the difficulties sometimes you fall but in the end you stood up, ready to face the problem.
I saw you walk, run, fall, and crying but you stand up again, fighting with all your strength inside you.
Now you are a grown up girl and mad at me because I left you and your mother all alone but leaving doesnt mean I stopped caring and loving you.
I called you many times, but you never came.
All I wanted to see your happy face, share our happy memories, jokes we had together.
I see you always, how you manage your life and take care of your mom, I see you making wrong decisions sometimes but dont regret about them, just come up with a solution about how to make them right.
I might not be around you to guide you or protect you but you are doing so well even when I am not there.
Be happy always, laugh like you used to before.
I love you UNEE, I will always love you.
I am so proud of you my UNEE.
Your paps

11 04 16 - 02:51:21


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A Message from Father to Daughter : Recent Comments

- Crepe

Oh!(toohappy) Such a nice blog. Hope your daughter had read this. You\'ve got one big love there Paps! (winkygirl)

11 05 17-12:29:55

- MuzdalifaH

Missed you dad !!! I really missed you !! You are the one who know what m thinking do you nah i know you know it ....

19 03 17-06:18:56

- AarZuN

So thoughtful and Em0ti0nal By the Way That realLy grab my eyies.... Nice 0Ne

11 04 16-17:34:36


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