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Love is amazing by: gorjoz

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It amazes me how people fall in love so easily. How they can utter those three wicked letters. It never fails to amaze me how can they depend their happiness on other people. Loving someone is a scary and crazy thing to do. You will never know when will that person decide to break or mend you. How they can love another soul aside from their self. I\'d say they\'re stupid, crazy, delusional but yet they are the ones who are selfless, risky and crazy. For me i dont known if i can love someone else for i don\'t know if i love myself. Whats the meaning of loving someone? Is it when you feel giddy just by thinking of that person? Is it when you feel butterflies in your stomach? But for how long? For how long can you love that person? For how long can you maintain that feeling? Thats the very reason why people who\'s inlove amazes me.

27 04 16 - 09:23:06


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Love is amazing : Recent Comments

- chitra21

love is life and life is love. enjoy life with love. without love life is hell.

08 07 17-07:37:08

+ DiAnAmO_-

lol love is like a pool u never know how deep it is n if u know d swimmin till u never jumped in
love is a feeling to feel

04 02 17-18:43:37

- gorjoz

Lol nice quote indeed. It describes how one will feel about loving someone. Its cons and pros

27 04 16-17:40:52

- gorjoz

Thanks caffeine :) im glad you liked it

27 04 16-17:39:07

- crazytipz01

Thts why a great quote says...its heaven to be in love n b loved...but its hell when it breaks u apart(sob)..

27 04 16-14:43:21


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