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A daughter\\\'s letter by: UNEXPECTED

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Together weve laughed
together weve grown
Your voice warms my heart
each time I feel alone
Countless lessons of life
from you I have learned
No matter my age
youre always concerned
For being your daughter
Im extremely proud
To love you dearly
forever Ive vowed
Youre not just my mother
but also best friend
When we go shopping
U know where to spend
Words cant fully describe
how I truly feel
The bond that we share
is a very big deal
You have nurtured and cared
since the day of my birth
I feel like the luckiest
daughter on earth
But when I needed
comforting, you always
found the time
Your words are more
Than days of child hood sublime
Now no distance holds us
apart, the boundaries have no end
ll hold the memories ties in my heart
Youre my mother and my best friend.

18 05 16 - 07:50:21


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A daughter\\\'s letter : Recent Comments

- crazyaboutu

R these ur words..if yes ..grt..coz they r straight from the heart

21 02 21-10:31:24

- stealdude

I am MOM boy..proud to say that ..good narration about MOMs love. Thanks and Lots of Respect Venus the Great

08 01 18-22:34:32

- rck77

Well was nicely narranted regarding the relation..keep writing

24 10 16-23:35:02

- Resilient

Wow! mother will always be a mother. Someone whom we really love.

06 08 16-06:36:37


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