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Not Again by: CivilAnneGineer

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I wanted everybody to understand me. So here I am explaining the unexplainable things or feelings that I have at the moment.
My life is boring. Since October last year, it was sooooo boring without my 3-in-1 guy (bestfriend, father, and boyfriend). But really, life must go on. I decided getting myself busy on things: school, extra-curricular activities, social medias, chatting, flirting, playing and everything. No friends and family right? I never had a chance to enjoy life with them. Whenever I am with them I feel more incomplete, lonely, sad and lonely and sad and yeah, incomplete. I always feel hurt for I cannot fix things again. I really wanna be back to the way everything used to be. But I cannot change the past already. I am just to make my future by facing today.
I always try to be positive but I am being back on staying negative again and again. Well, that is life. You do not know what to do whenever you are in the situation but you keep on advising whenever others are on it.
Most of the time, I take talking and chitchatting with friends here seriously. I cannot help if I will admire someone here and then I will find out that he is into other girls too. Or.. I will get good friends but I will just be surprised that they have been liars into me. (I may really have this trust issue because of things that happened)
Why am I explaining it here?
Cause I think I will be off for some time to know more of myself again.. I am explaining it here so that some of my good friends may understand why I am being like this today. I feel empty, I feel hurt, I feel down.
You wont help, dont get me wrong. I am the one who should help myself. That is what my real friends here keep on saying to me.
I know you didnt get justice on why i would really go. But some reasons are because a good friend lied to me by giving multiple names of him, there are a lot of xchatters here that dont know how to respect a girl, a lot of flirty guys, a lot of numb guys whom I like. HAHAHAH! (thats just to break the ice hehe) But most of all, I will look for Nikka again. Oh well, I think I will just be gone for a week or two hahaha. I know some of my Rockchat buddies will unfriend me because I will be off for some time.
My dear Rockchat, God bless you more. I shall return. (hehehe) #HacunaMatata

07 06 16 - 06:58:21


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- imusika

Sometimes its really hard to get up when theres no a helping hand but we need to help ourselves when no one does. :) I hope youre doing well and be back soon :)

23 05 19-07:48:56


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