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...And I ForGot To BreAthE... by: N-yctO_-Phili-A

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I\'m so Poisoned and Toxified..
(f1) And Having My Brain So Paralyzed..(f1)
but That Happening was Dignified..
(f1)Coz I Found Myself \"Dead\" in The Bright Light..(f1)
It Started with My Limbs Feeling Numb..
(f1)Bleeding Fingers and A Frozen Thumb..(f1)
Skin was Burning Leaving Dark Smoke..
(f1)And the Bones were Cracking Sounding Few Strokes..(f1)
The Warm Soil was Smugging My Flesh,
(f1) And the Blood was So Cold Trapped in Fair Thin Dress..(f1)
I was Dying and was Hearing The Cries..
(f1)Last i Saw Some Faces from My Blurred Eyes..(f1)
It All Ended with Few Beeps..
(f1) And My Soul Caught in a Deep Sleep..(f1)
There was No Cold Nor The Heat..
(f1)In the End i Forgot To Breathe..(f1)

13 06 16 - 05:33:13


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...And I ForGot To BreAthE... : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

Awwww .. Nice line reality of life and death ... Well prepare for you death that your good deeds help you at last nice blog

19 03 17-06:09:48

- Resilient

You found yourself dead in the bright light. Even though it\'s too painful, there always a brighter side. A great blog!

06 08 16-06:32:32

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

(thankusomuch) Zirconium Lady.. I\'ll Try My Best for the Next..(zhappy) Thanku For the Appreciation..(givinsmile)

22 06 16-13:25:39

- caffeinated

woaaah nice! u wrote it well xD i was trying to imagine myself in that situation.. xD xD a job well done! cosmolicious man!(teeth) keep it up.. next time try to write a happier blog xD please... heheheh

21 06 16-11:41:07

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

@Ethic.. Your Ethics Are Very Clear..:p Btw (thankzoo) and Wish u a Happy Life..(zhappy)

21 06 16-10:20:50

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

(thankzoo) TingLu Ji.. Sometimes Time Let the Thoughts to Travel towards Dark The Side..(zhappy)

17 06 16-14:31:15

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

Nope Psidey..Nothing like That.. :) And Many Things are out of Bf-Gf Relationship.. I\'m far away of Online Things..And I\'m Better..(smile)

14 06 16-10:55:45


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