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How To Strip Off Your Gf by: MK__

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Listed below are the 3 ways for stripping down your girlfriend:
1. Take her for shopping and after she is done, make an excuse that you forgot your wallet! That way, you can strip her money off!( Make sure she`s wealthy)
2. Tell her to meet you at the park, and keep her waiting for like forever! That will strip her patience off!( Make sure she doesn`t kill you)
3. Propose her in a public place, and when she is about to reveal her answer,tell her you were just kidding! Her expectations would be stripped off! ( Make sure that you have a healty supply of tissues)
I`m sorry to those people who were expecting R-Rated stuff in this blog. I have no intentions in writing adult stuff! Hope you enjoyed reading it!(salute)

15 06 16 - 08:25:20


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How To Strip Off Your Gf : Recent Comments


Oh my smart bro (gdoubt) my bf never stripped me off haha .. Ese blog likh ke logo ko bigad mat khas boys ko(whip)

13 04 17-13:35:59

- MuzdalifaH

Hahahahha .... Baat wohi ye ap nahi experin e bol ra hahahha keep it up but also write something besides gilrs too after all you\'re a boy surly know how to strip off boys too (wink)

18 02 17-16:26:05

- Harley_

Haha, I love this blog! You\'re brilliant, keep it up!:)

01 11 16-00:20:35

- Nyx__

(damn2) When did ya learn all this things..!! Now i will make you pay ,, wont wait for u in park more than 5 seconds and finally will Say Out Loud ^thank god i didnt end up wid u^ in public (grinning) Take It,, Little man (boxedo)

11 08 16-15:47:34

- lightdarklady

that number 3!hahahahaha! but don\'t apply it to me because you must make sure that you already have funeral insurance.. hehehe!^_^

06 08 16-08:17:36

- crazytipz01

Hahaha!!no doubt u easily strippedoff ur gf(junk off) such way u do all these inspirational stuff from u!(ras)..its perfectly perfect to (kickedout) u out!(haha)

16 06 16-14:49:44


oh my ugh...what are u doing. im a girl so i need how to strip boys.. hehe..

16 06 16-07:37:45


(lolz)you this mr m2k(nosebreaker), how can I ever stop hitting and double slapping your face(slap1),with all this horror against girls nevertheless its was worth reading nice blog(shake)

16 06 16-02:27:55

- Black_Widow

Oops thought it was going to be a adult blog lol, a good read(thumbsup)

15 06 16-22:40:00


Hahaha v. Nicely trappd a lot of users. It was funny n surprisn fr sm. .

15 06 16-22:35:41

- nerdygirl

Haha ohh I really like it! :) You did a great job! Haha smart thinkin thou and great descriptions! (laugh)

15 06 16-22:30:43

- Helohelo

(ras) (urock) it was like sliding down a round round slippery thng! Grt!

15 06 16-22:19:50

- AarZuN

Thats 0nly blog i hv read here didnt did skeamin (hehehe) At point 2, b4 she Say anythIn TelL hEr a louDy thAnk u And TelL people for clapin(hehe)

15 06 16-21:34:44

- iceScream

(roflol) this is the real CRAZY TIPS conehead (punch) but it was nice (ras) good job (hug)

15 06 16-21:33:30


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