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..The wind were changing
I could feel it as I stood below the steel sky
..It was surprisingly cool
..The breeze sent chills down my spine
..And the feelings instantly arose,
..the one I have so longed and waited for
..Not a minute gone by a tiny cold droplet
..Welcomed itself on my  cheek
..And not moments later brought along many more like it
..Mesmerised by its uttermost beauty I stood here devouring
..Each of its cold collision on my bare skin
..A smile found its way to my lips
..I could hear not further away, the sizzles from the road as tye
.. rain soothed it is heat trapped underneath
And...0h! The joys and squeals of nature as it quenched it is thirst at last
..There is greenery all around cows, n goats enjoy the green grass
..As the rains fall like crystal from above
..It is nice to see people with colourful umbrellas and raincoat
..Yes! The monsoon I would been waiting for were here..finally here
..Bringing along with it so many precious childhood memories
..The very sight of tye pouring rain, somesmerising,so blissful,
so breathtaking..
..The unimaginable happiness it gives me can never be measured. ..
.... (natasha)

27 06 16 - 12:50:35


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The RaiN : Recent Comments

- lostmoon

Fabulous..beautiful imagery.I can visualise every line..

13 12 16-19:47:39

- Gambit

Every word of this poem has now totally flushed my fear of falling in love with u again :p (u know i m kidding coz i m not afraid of u or will never be (nyah) ) ... I just want to throw sumthing so bad at u to make u stop harking about this rain ...wish u had written sumthing about me instead (toohappy) i soo envy rain :p

12 07 16-22:34:38

- Mr_SimpLE

wow! its really really expressive and i am really interested to read the other blogs by u..

12 07 16-21:30:03

- rimjhimpoopriya

I love rain
So beautiful
I like to enjoy rain drops

12 07 16-15:45:18

- jessY-Badgirl4u

woahhhh u write so well. it was a real pleesure

11 07 16-23:34:51

- Pi-RAtE

Really Nice and Wonderful Blog ! Reading these lines I felt like I was Spreading my Hands and Enjoying the Rain :) Superb Well Written ! Happy to read it (happy)

11 07 16-22:08:22

- NAviiN

Nice one when I was reading it really feeling as my own experience because already it was raining here for few days (appyrain) enjoying a lot

11 07 16-19:20:22

- GAb3_

Brilliant expression about the joy of rain. Thanks for writing!! (thumbsup)

06 07 16-14:54:15

- PreTTy_GirL

Nice one and I love rain too :)

28 06 16-08:16:20


Thank u both for appreciating my work doubt u both are too good in writing

27 06 16-19:13:41

- MK__

Expect the unexpected! U got gr8 writing skills and reading this one makes me curious to read ur other blogs too! (gudjob) (up)

27 06 16-14:57:28

- Helohelo

(wow) Great one! Being a rain deewani myself I know it is just one of the greatest feelings EVER! Love the blog!(huge-tup)

27 06 16-14:38:27


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