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What are you here for? by: creed

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People join social networks to enjoy, have fun or to pass their excess time. Over a period of time this alternative fun way becomes a standard to live by. This may read strange but that is how it is. Some people make chat as their way of life. Are they stupid, are they cool or are they pitiful? That is something for you to decide.
I have been on social network for almost a decade now and have seen all sorts of people. Right from psychotic lovers to addicted geniuses ... I have seen them all. I have seen people abuse each other for a fake picturesque, and I have seen night owls being born with a lust for power and a hunger for appreciation. I have seen virgins act like a hoe and I have seen married women act like a teenager. I have borne witness to men impersonating a womanly identity and I have seen women using a mans identity. From all this, probably I have learned alot. I have myself been an addict to such a system of gratification and have successfully defeated my own addiction. It is something very difficult to overcome, especially for introverts who get to experience a free life here without any cause or concern. Overcoming this addiction is hard but not impossible.
My blog is in relevance to the fervor and loyalty that people so often claim at social networks. Rockchat is not a cult, it is not a sect. It is a place for people to meet up and chat. It is a place that has its bare set of rules against spam or abuse. That is the minimum that is asked for, and in return RC gives you the power to communicate, the power to enjoy a spam-free and abuse-free environment. However some people never get to understand this. Recently I was made aware of an ex-owner leveraging his status to get sexual favours. I was appalled to know this. I indeed do fun and naughty chats but I have never forced a person to be intimate with me. Such a thing is meaningless. People come here to enjoy and not to be victimised. For another case, some soulkiller named guy was found harassing his gf and asking her to not login here. Now, the truth is that he got to know about her only after joining here. Their love blossomed here and now he started dictating her to leave this place. Is that not stupid? Nobody should dictate such things. People have freewill and they should always uphold this freewill. Likewise as a stakeholder of this site I select and remove junior staff. Nothing irks me more when people who lust for power approach me with their insidious ways. It appalls me and such folks never become a staff here.
If you have joined RC with the aim of having fun, then please by all means have fun while you follow rules. RC can be very heartless if you end up getting categorized as a spamer or abuser. Ask yourself - What am I here for?

05 07 16 - 09:58:31


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What are you here for? : Recent Comments

- Crepe

Okay,so the title is so interesting in the main page so I clicked it. Then I saw the writer again,so I prepared myself for possible brain damage. Got to read the end of the blog. Why am I here for? Interesting question. Maybe,I\'ll gonna answer it next time but sure the smileys are one of the reasons.(winkygirl)

27 05 17-11:45:20

- iceScream

i accidentally register myself here cause my only purpose was to make my english grammar to be fluent cause that time im planning to work in a call center as an agent....weeks go by i didnt thought that having some convo with some users here will lead to or can create a real friendship..after that,still dont havea confidence to go to pass my application for that said job can i tell that i will leavr rc...cause some friendship was already built that time when i was just only practicin my english grammar...well really find rc so interesting,lots of different people from different country to get along with...well sorry if im very lazy at first...i know some owners always pms me before of violatin their laws here,but rc was already made a mark that i couldt leave cause of some nice friends here...really RC rocks (rocker)

04 11 16-09:55:37

- jessY-Badgirl4u

After so long got to see u writing sometng very nice
im a fan of urs
indeed its been almost 4years since i joined rc
i was stil single now im marid n even mother of a boy too.
but it has not change anythng in me
i come on rc , i enjoyed being here with u all people
many times i did bad things here
but with time i came to knw how to follow rules
while following the rules RC becomes even better
i hv also seen different kind of people
but we need to choose our frnd wisely
i can proudly say i have a large frnd circle here
FOR THE GIFT (jessy-badgirl4u)

07 07 16-00:36:43

- Gambit

Nice blog and beutyfully explained
I wudnt have said that but i m actually a fan of ur writing and i read ur blogs topics comments just because i love wat u write and how u write and thats why i m here learn from u (toohappy)

06 07 16-14:03:55


(tup) Nice blog tanzil ji,...
RC is a open platforms for all kind of persons gamers hv diff game n events ..chaters hv different chtrooms,ppl who enjoy writing n reading hv FORuMS.. N flirter n sexchatters can enjoy demselves here .. SO enjoy by urselves in anyway u like,. Dont interfare in others life:) Use RC for ur TiMepaSs tool or for enjoyment RC NEVER BEEN A POLITICAL BACKGROUND!!:) SUch person should be stay away from here !!!!

06 07 16-11:48:24

- LovE_MonkeY

Its 3 years in rc..hmmm..only I can say its my second home Is rockchat...bec.I cn enjoy bullying here jokes..actually I love rockchat...

06 07 16-11:34:50

- LeandrA_VeNus

Rockchat has been gradually getting better and better since I\'ve been here. This is the BEST chat site EVER its a freaking awesome way to meet coo! A place to have an actual intellectual conversation with people from all around the world.have a look=Un3Xp3cT3d__ Blog hatsoff creeed.

06 07 16-10:20:21

- Oasis

A realistic blog...Man ! me too was addicted to rc but now my life turned in such time for addiction..but I truly loved RC ..I m still in love wth rc. I just wish journey of RC ll get smooth ..(kisi ki najar na lage)...cuz my journey of RC was with Thousands Fragrance n the memories ll be always with me...Thanks RC...!!
Thanks C.....!

05 07 16-22:16:33

- Pi-RAtE

Well Nice Blog Bro It Reveals Up Everything Totally :) I have Been Here Around Past Two Years , Y I Always Come here for is Something I Ask to Myself too ;p Its Not Like addict or Something to be Frank! I Even tried to Get away from here Sometimes;) That too When I had Some busy stuffs but apart from that, The Reason Y I come back again here is Its Not the Addiction I had Over this Site , Its Because the One day When U come again logging here ;o You always meet Some People Who are really Marvellous to get over and Some may not ;p But Who Worries On that Being Here is always a Memorable Experience , Exciting and Thrilling Some Times by Playing Games and Overall a good Place to Stay Ahead :/ The Memories Stays With Us Forums, Posts , Chats, Pms and Blog :XD Happy to be here :)

05 07 16-22:12:25


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