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WhAt eXacTlY Is InnEr beauTy by: MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

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(oh-helo) EveRyONE WelComE Once AgaiN To My BLogs ThIS TyM i Am WriTNg ThiS BloG AfTEr ReaDinG SomeThINg WhiCh DRaged ME In To Deep (thinking). Well LeTS ComE To The PoINt thIS Is AboUT INNer BeauTy , PeoPLE Keep sayiNg That DoNt see OuTer Appearence see InnnEr BeauTY Btw WhaT IS InnEr BeauTy And HOW CAn U See That In A PErson hmmmmm seems LiKE A MystEry NAh (ras) well It Cant Be Seen It JUst CAn BE Felt For That It IS NecessaRy THAt We Be With THE Person For Sometym buT The PoINt IS THAt We NeveR BE With a Person Who IS NOt Good In LookS So How Will U KNW THe InnEr BEautY.For ExamPLE If THEre IS A GrouP Of BoYS And GIRlS THe Girl Who IS LOOKInG GoOd Will AlwayS have hIgHEr RAtes Of PRopoSals Same wiTh BoyS . We Can Even tAke THE ExamPLE OF WAP WorlD As SooN As We TAlk With SomeoNE We Ask For PIC IsnT It (hehehe).
ItS nOt NEcessaRy ThA A good Looking Girl Will BE havinG A beautiFul Heart And Even ITS NOt NEceary THAt All Girls Who DonT look BEautIFul Are GOOD From Heart And VISe Versa :p i Am LAzy In ExplaiNIng DeeplY GUys (hehe) AnyWays I Wnt Divert :p . InnEr BeauTy IS SomeThing Which Comes By DefAulT AnD The Person BEhaves TEh Same with EveryOne Not OnlY With BF/Gf . BuT GuyS Be caREful BecaUse NOw A Days Teh World Is Filled With ActORS so PEopLE RY To BE SometHIng Ele To IMPreSS And ONce The Impresing Part IS Done And ThE Fish Is TrapEd The ORiGINAL PersoN Comes Out (boom) :p
InnEr BEauTy Is A comPOsiTIoN OF MAny QualiTiEs Like CAre love down to earTh politness patience and main hing wihout any ego or haTe.They Say THAt FiNDing PEopLE wiTh InnEr BEAuTy IS VEry DifficulT But The Exac Reason IS that nO ONE seRiOUSly SearChes For It . Its Like sayiNg FrOm MOUTh And ThInkINg SometHInG else In Brain. hE JoKE IS THat all HAose GOOD Hearted PEopLE Are AloNE and SinGLe. So GuYS Jus Stop RuNNing BehiND OuTer BeauTy And Start LoVing SimpLE down To EarTh PErson And Make Ur LIFe BeauTiFul And FuLl OF (love)

15 07 16 - 09:58:25


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WhAt eXacTlY Is InnEr beauTy : Recent Comments

- MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

hahhahah they are nt grammatical errors they are errors mabe by my keyboard (fedup) :p

16 07 16-16:11:47

- Helohelo

If inner beauty is as simple as melody hein chocolaty... Life wud be simpler and gals wud be like (yeeii)

16 07 16-11:27:09

- MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

Now I will Not say I AM BEautiFul FroM iNSide :p PeopLE who KNow ME Will HAve To Say That (hehe)

15 07 16-22:00:53


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