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A Walk To Remember by: mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

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Its A long long journey,that we wanted always to be happy.
Always to choose to run away in every difficulties.
Its a long long journey, always wanted to be with sweet and cool people around.
Do not know who will really stay when you are all alone.

Remember not all happiness make us stronger.
Remember not at all sweet and cool people around will truly genuine.
Remember walking better than running nor jumping.
Remember if u always run away all obstacles and difficulties ,you will never find out who really not hesitated to stay with you.
Remember if you do a jump to skip some hard situation(u cheated yourself) you will never known and learn how to solve in near future .

Remember to walk patiently in a long journey you can see everything whom genuine and not pretending.(..yes!you may encouter tired and hurted..dont give up instead just simply take a pause will be much better..)
Remember you cant appreciate the essence to walk right away.
Yet you will treasure along the way:)

22 07 16 - 07:21:30


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A Walk To Remember : Recent Comments

- Pi-RAtE

Yeah Very Perfectly Said ,It Suits in Many ways :)and Its everything that always stays in my mind too ! I Just Walking all the Way ;) These Pathway always Stays remembered (up)

22 07 16-19:54:47

- NitEsH_

Appreciable things always take time to approach!(yesh) truly expressed nic(no1)

22 07 16-19:37:53


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